Dinosaurs make room decorating a breeze for a fun-loving duo

by Michael Goins on July 20, 2012

Dinosaur Wall Stickers Tanya, mother of 4-year-old Madeline and 2-year-old Barrett, had a dilemma. In their home in Fordville, North Dakota, the two children share a bedroom, making it difficult to decorate in a way that makes both kids happy. Tanya was worried that decorating would be a problem. Fortunately for her, both of the kids share a love of dinosaurs, providing a simple solution to her decorating woes.

After conducting a Google search for Dinosaur wall decals, she stumbled onto the My Wonderful Walls website where she found the Dinosaur Theme Wall Stickers, which is perfect for a boy's or girl's room who is interested in everything from T-Rex to triceratops to volcanoes.

Tanya was looking forward to branching out and trying something new in the kids' room, but as she has only painted plain walls prior to this, she chose the wall stickers over the wall stencil kit to help make her project simpler. With some advice from friends on how to paint the background, they chose to use three different colors on the walls. Amazingly, including drying time, the project only took three days!

Although Barrett was a little too young to help with placing the stickers, his older sister, Madeline, helped quite a bit. Tanya was surprised at how simple it was to place the wall stickers, and although they adhered to the walls Pterodactyl Wall Decal Kids Roomvery well, they were still easy to peel off and reposition if needed.

It may seem impossible to personalize a set of wall stickers, but Madeline found a way. She placed each dinosaur where she wanted them and then created individual scenes, such as placing a bug on top of one of the trees and then placing a pterodactyl in a position where it seemed to be swooping in to eat the bug! How creative and fun!

Once the room was complete and revealed to both Barrett and Madeline, they were thrilled! They loved seeing all the different dinosaurs roaming and roaring around their room.

Tanya offers this advice to others looking to redecorate a room of their own: "Don't be intimidated by the project. It is so easy and it looks spectacular when it is done!" The sticker sets definitely make for a great family project, and require minimal cleanup when the project is complete – a definite plus for busy families with busy kids!

Dino Days Kids RoomAll in all, these two little ones now have a room full of their favorite things: dinosaurs. They can spend time together in their own space, playing, imagining and interacting with the dinosaurs, pretending they are a part of a prehistoric era!

The amazing part of this whole story is how purchasing one product from one company creates a wonderful event! The Dinosaur Wall Sticker Kit that Shawn and Tanya got for their children, brought them together to paint and decorate a space just for their kids. They had great times and lots of fun deciding where everything should go. That's just what My Wonderful Walls – a family owned and operated company – is all about: bringing joy and happiness to families across the world. Congrats you guys on a room well done!