Nick and Heather’s Underwater Adventures

by Stephanie Goins on April 19, 2012

ocean wall mural

In Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, a couple named Nick and Heather have turned their plain walls into magical, underwater wonders. We here at My Wonderful Walls are absolutely thrilled to be a part of their adventurous expedition!

With a little bundle of joy on the way soon, this artistic duo decided to pay handcrafted tribute to their soon-to-be baby by purchasing the Under the Sea stencil kit and turning their special nursery into a diver’s dream.

As they are both lovers of the tropics, Nick and Heather have traveled to Hawaii on numerous occasions and even left their hearts in Maui by tying the knot on the island. As a way of passing along their passion to the newest member of their family, this voyaging duo wanted to display their version of a Hawaiian adventure to the walls of their baby’s nursery.

Opting for a wall stencil kit that would allow them to leave their own personal touch on the project, Nick and Heather both contributed to the handiwork that went into creating this deep blue masterpiece. Not only was the final project eye-catching, but once baby arrives, both parents can proudly say that they helped create a loving space that surrounds their little one with beauty and wonder each and every day.

While the basecoats of sand and water alongside stenciling contributed to the 22-hour project, both Nick and Heather felt it was something they could most definitely handle. Taking time to enjoy the process, the two carefully constructed their underwater vision by placing wall stencils in lively patterns that brought their special scene to life.

We love when our customers are able to add personal stories to their own wonderful wall décor, and we were thrilled to hear that this couple incorporated some travel memories in to their wall décor.

Instead of using each of the fish stencils provided in the kit, they decided to take a chance at painting fish and coral free-hand. This gave them the opportunity to incorporate images of aquatic life that are native to Hawaii into the room’s artwork. With a few Humuhumunukunukuapua’a on the wall as well as a Raccoon Butterfly fish, we’re convinced their new baby will be inspired to do the hula in no time at all! With coral stencils painted to match the colors baby will see on his or her first island adventure, Hawaii is bound to be a favorite and familiar destination from day one.

While these brilliantly blue walls are full of sea creatures to admire, Nick and Heather knew that they couldn’t have imagined the project being completed without the addition of at least two sea turtle stencils, and we tend to agree! At My Wonderful Walls, we definitely see islands on the horizon and wish the family many wonderful adventures in their new nursery, to Hawaii and beyond. We look forward to hearing how much the new baby loves this special ocean room walls as well!


ocean wall stencils

under the sea mural