Turning Small Spaces Into Functional Places

by Stephanie Goins on January 25, 2013

 farm theme roomFor many people, coming up with unique ways to decorate tight spaces can be tough. Managing a family also requires a great deal of time and sometimes the awesome decorating ideas you may have are simply too time consuming or impossible to achieve with your budget or timeline. While this can be frustrating and even overwhelming, it is important to step back and remember that not every project needs to be one of epic proportions.

Better Homes and Gardens recently featured some amazing decorating ideas that fit right in with the My Wonderful Walls vision to create easy decorating solutions that can change even a small space into an adventure land. Some of our favorite of their suggestions include:

  1. Use stencils or colorful fabric to make a unique headboard (you could even use some of our stencils for this!)
  2. Create a dramatic focal point, such as netting draped above a bed, or maybe even a serious pop of neon color in a reading nook.
  3. Stripes on the walls are in this year, and they can help draw the eye upward and make even a tiny room seem taller and bigger.
  4. Set aside one wall as an accent wall – you could paint it, wallpaper it, or even place colorful, whimsical stickers on it form one of our wall sticker collections!
  5. Mirror, mirror on the wall…what an awesome way to make rooms seem bigger!
  6. When in doubt – stick it under the bed or out of sight somewhere. Tossing needed but unattractive items like extra bedding or kitchen appliances into bins or baskets and store them for when you really need them.

Some other ideas that we had when reading this article included:

  1. Reclaiming the space by a corner window by adding a small beanbag chair and a basket of books so that your little ones have a special reading place.
  2. Keeping a small jar in a cupboard next to the washer and dryer for stray hair clips, coins, or even paper slips that you find when doing the wash.
  3. If you have a raised deck or porch, consider waterproof bins that fit underneath the steps to store outdoor toys and even gardening tools.
  4. You can easily convert the closet in a spare bedroom into a special play area for a child by adding a battery-operated small push light, a small chair and desk, or even a hanging organizer to hold toys and coloring supplies.

No matter what area of your home needs a little extra attention to make it extra special, there are undoubtedly countless ways for you to make it unique without spending a ton of extra time and money along the way. Making a fun afternoon project out of it is also a great way to involve your kids in a family activity that benefits everyone.