Customer Spotlight: Twins Violet and Charlie’s Fun Forest Room

by Stephanie Goins on September 04, 2012

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For many years Jessie and her husband tried to have a baby. When she finally found out she was pregnant, there was only one thing that could make increase the blessing: they were having twins! They started browsing around for nursery décor to create a comfy, happy place for their two precious little ones, but knowing that they were going to welcome both a son and a daughter made it hard to find just the right design.

Little boy designs offered sports equipment, planes, trains, and plenty of blue. That would be fun for their bouncy baby boy, but what about their sweet little girl? Little girl designs were soft and feminine and found in every shade of pink. That would make a lovely place for their princess, but what about their prince?

They decided to look to nature for wall décor inspiration. The soft colors and happy images would appeal to both little ones and not make either one seem like an afterthought. When they discovered the woodland forest theme stencil set from My Wonderful Walls, the entire idea came together.

Creating the wall mural was a project that bonded Jessie, her husband, and both sets of excited grandparents. As they worked together to grow the babies’ personal woodland scene, Jessie could envision telling her children who had painted which animal, which leaf, and how much love had gone into the paintings that adorned their walls.

It took about a week of combined effort to create the wall mural, and before they knew it, the room was also filled with the happy coos of Violet and Charlie. Twenty months later, Jessie still loves to watch her miracle twins enjoying the beautiful nursery that was created just for them.

The Forest Friends stencil kit from My Wonderful Walls was the perfect choice to give both a little boy and a little girl a comfortable and inviting room to call their own. Violet and Charlie spend a lot of their time immersed in a world of their own, surrounding by a personal pond, flitting butterflies and happy dragonflies as they read and relax together. Here they can talk to their friends the frogs and stroke the petals of their own ever-blooming flowers.

Jessie will never forget creating this special nursery for her twins. She knows she and her family worked together to create exactly the beautiful woodland scene that she wanted to bring her beloved newborns home to and that will continue to inspire them as they grow.

One of the best parts about the stenciling kit for Jessie and her husband was the ability to personalize the scenes and make them distinctly theirs. As a serious video game lover, Jessie’s husband wanted to put his own little touch into the scene; soon the turtles were adorned with bandanas that made them ninja turtles, and mushrooms were painted to look like they were right from Mario land.

Jessie loves the nursery, but she knows that someday each of her children will need their own room decorated just for them. And where is she going to go for those decorations? My Wonderful Walls of course!

Thanks, Jessie, for sharing Violet and Charlie's wonderful woodland room with us!

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