Customer Spotlight: Precious Polka Dot Room in Palatine

by Stephanie Goins on September 13, 2012

Polka Dot RoomAt My Wonderful Walls, we love creating fun and creative spaces because it gives our customers and their children a place to be inspired. There’s nothing better than being a part of a colorful story. When a child has a great imagination, it doesn’t take much to make a room magical. We’re thrilled to hear that our clients are putting our wall mural stickers and stencils to great use, and giving their kids something to talk about each and every day!

Lavanya and Swami from Palatine, Illinois, discovered the creative power of a simple polka dot when they set out to redecorate their daughter Sadhvi’s room. At 5 and a half years old, and having just started kindergarten, Sadhvi (which means virtuous in Sanskrit) loves to have lots of fun, and her parents wanted her wall design to reflect her vibrant personality!

When it comes to little girls, there’s a lot to be said about what’s in the closet. Lavanya and Swami knew that Sadhvi’s wardrobe was sprinkled with polka dots, and so, they knew that keeping with the theme was sure to be a hit with their little girl. Once they were decided on the pattern, it was time to hit the internet for a sticker/stencil search. With the click of a button, they found themselves at My Wonderful Walls, and the rest of the polka dotted story is history.

Just like the stories and games of pretend that Sadhvi loves to tell and play, her parents knew the pattern of wall stencils they chose needed to be full of many colors. Certain they wanted to avoid an all-pink color palette, the two decided to go with a yellow base color that works to reflect the light in the room effectively and makes the room look spacious. Additionally, they chose pink and brown as colors to compliment the backdrop. Not forgetting that Sadhvi’s brother spends time playing with his sister as well, they incorporated some small blue and green circles to make sure a little masculine touch was included in the design.

Counting a few well-deserved breaks, the couple was able to complete their artistic endeavor within four days. As beginners to painting, they were both surprised and excited to see how satisfying the creative experience was. We’re happy to say their results were top notch in our book! Sadhvi was also quick to agree that the room couldn’t look better. Imaginative by nature, she was not only excited about her room’s new look—she took time to tell mom and dad all of the many things she was planning on doing in her new space and all of the fun she’s going to have as well.

Whether it’s a simple or intricate designs, children love wall stickers and wall stencils that give them room to invent stories and really become a part of the space they call their own. Sadhvi’s new room is a fantastic way to take polka dots from simple to sensational with just the right colors, combination and personal touch. We’re hoping that Lavanya and Swami enjoy their new hobby as well!