Loyal Customer Completes Room #2

by Stephanie Goins on November 23, 2012

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At My Wonderful Walls, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and the best way to judge our success is to hear from our faithful customers who utilize our products time and again. One of our favorite returning customers is Jen from North Carolina who created a gorgeous flower nursery scene for her daughter Lizzy a while back (see pics her room here), and has returned to create a dazzling room for her 1-year-old son, Trey.

Jennifer purchased our Paws Park stencil kit; she chose it because Trey’s room is connected to Izzy’s by a Jack-n-Jill bathroom, so it was important to find a décor theme that would work for a boy but also flow well with Lizzy’s flowery paradise as well. Fortunately, the Paws Park stencil kit was just what she was looking for. Combining Trey’s love of puppies and her husband’s love of baseball, Jen was able to create a tableau that was the culmination of things her entire family could enjoy.

We all know that life gets busy, but that didn’t stop Jen from completing her unique wall mural for her baby. Over the course of 6-months, she diligently added stencil after stencil and made sure to include a number of personal touches to the walls as well. Instead of stopping with the standard dog stencil or two, Jen added in her own baseball players that host the initials of her three children on their caps, a baseball diamond and some fun toys for those stencil puppies to play with! The end result was a room just waiting to be unraveled by a child’s imagination. Jen says that both Trey and Lizzy spend a good amount of time pointing at images on the wall and making puppy sounds or talking to their brand new friends!

While Jen is pleased with how well the room turned out, and how happy her children are with the design as well, she says that half of the fun is in the creation itself. An artist at heart, who is constantly searching for more time to create, Jen loves the idea of a product like My Wonderful Walls wall stencils that allow parents to create specifically for their children. Jen let us know that it’s an amazing feeling to be able to fill a child’s space with “happiness, color, character, and imagination!”

We couldn’t agree more and we love that Jen has taken our products into her children’s rooms and lives and made them uniquely her own. Similarly, Jen says she adores the process of putting the creative walls together and picking and choosing images she likes. It’s a way of contributing love to a project, even in a small way.

Alongside the dog wall stencil kit, Jen has purchased the ocean wall stencils in preparation for redecorating the kid’s Jack-n-Jill bathroom! We can’t wait to see what she comes up with and how the little ones love it. Keep the great ideas coming Jen, and we’ll with be with you every step of your creative way.

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dog stencil

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