Customer Spotlight: Beautiful Woodland Room Fit for a Prince

by Stephanie Goins on November 13, 2012

forest theme wall mural

While she still cradled her baby inside of her, Kimberly knew she wanted to offer the precious little one a welcoming, beautiful, and calm room in which to rest and play. Not yet knowing if Kimberly was going to have a son or a daughter, she and her husband Matt thought about the theme that would create the perfect nursery.

Because they both have a great love and respect for nature, Matt and Kimberly decided that they wanted to share this appreciation with their child and began to look for a woodland theme. Using YouTube as a resource for finding ideas they stumbled across a valuable video tutorial for My Wonderful Walls. Seeing how easy the products were to use, and the quality of the finished results, they chose the Forest Friends sticker kit from My Wonderful Walls and went to work growing a personal woodland sanctuary for their future child.

As the baby grew—and Kimberly, too!—the couple used the wall stickers from the kit to bring the forest to life. It took just two days for the room to be completed. Because they both love to paint as a hobby they were able to create the perfect backdrop for the My Wonderful Walls stickers. Their only complaint was that the texture on the wall made it difficult for them to get a perfect line for the grass at the bottom of the mural. Despite this, they both had fun bonding over the creation of their baby’s wall mural.

Every little baby is different, which is why My Wonderful Walls makes it so easy to customize wall murals. Kimberly and Matt picked out unfinished wooden light switch and outlet plates so that they could continue the painting on them and create a more completed, seamless look. They also had special plans for add a very personal touch: when they welcomed their beautiful baby boy Logan into the world they added his name to the forest sign, marking the nursery as his own woodland getaway.

tree stickersKimberly was thrilled with how simple the entire process was. From the moment she discovered My Wonderful Walls she noticed their attentive customer service and was happy to see how simply and quickly she could order her sticker kit. Even more exciting was how fast the product shipped to her so that she could get started creating Logan’s wall mural.

Now that Logan is a bouncing baby of 9 months he is crawling around his room, taking in the scenery, and making friends with his sticker friends. Kimberly is glad she chose wall stickers because she feels they will be easier to change as Logan gets older and starts really showing his personality. As she watches him grow and enjoy the space that she and Matt created for him, though, she does know one thing: when it comes time to design and decorate a new room for Logan that exemplifies the amazing person that they will get to know as he learns and grows, she will be going back to My Wonderful Walls for the design kit!