How to turn your backyard into a winter wonderland

by Stephanie Goins on December 04, 2012

When the weather outside is frightening, it's a perfect time to create a winter wonderland in your own backyard! There is nothing more magical than twinkling lights, elegant ice creations, and artfully adorned trees to delight and captivate your family and guests. Once you create your own wonderland, you may even want to host a Hot Chocolate party to celebrate!

It's amazing how illumination can transform and bedazzle even the most ordinary areas. To add subtle ambiance, string little white Christmas lights in your bushes and trees or across fence tops – you can even drape them across the whole yard! You can also make light jars by stuffing light strings into big glass jars and placing them on your doorsteps. Wrap tree trunks by spiraling lights on each branch or wrapping them around giant snowballs for a charming, glowing effect.

Frozen water is a quintessential element of a magical winter scene. You can add the enchantment of frozen diamonds in several easy ways that will turn your yard from dull to dazzling in a moment. Ice candles are easy to set on fence tops or along a path; they are are sparkly and easy to make, and the ice causes the light to glow in an ethereal way.

You can also make ice bubbles by blowing soap bubbles outside when the temperature is below 32 degrees – it makes for an absolutely delightful finished product, and is something even the kids would have fun doing!

Balloons also make great molds for freezing water; try using colored water, and when it is frozen you can simply frozen peel off the balloon and you have giant glass marbles to use anywhere that needs a little extra holiday cheer.

Who says ornaments are just for inside Christmas trees? Adorn bare swooping tree branches with large Christmas ornaments to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Another idea is a twist on the classic wreath: make it from ice! A Bundt pan becomes a simple mold for a luminous circlet embedded with color from winter berries or crabapples; you can hang the wreaths from tree trunks or use them as elegant tops for snow sculptures.

If you live in an area with a lot of snow, give your kids the task of sculpting snow animals to fill the yard with winter friends. A quick trip o the craft store will yield items like googly eyes and reindeer antlers – the perfect finishing touches to help bring their creations to life.

The most important decoration in your winter wonderland, however, will be you! Don your prettiest winter gear: fuzzy hats and fur muffs, knitted gloves and colorful scarves, and take that holiday family photo that you've been longing for!

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