Basement transformations

by Stephanie Goins on February 05, 2013

basement wall mural

Are your kids getting older and asking to expand to their own bedrooms? Have you been wishing for a sewing room, guest room, or a yoga sanctuary? How about transforming that neglected basement space into something productive, pretty, and fun? It is amazing how a little color, a little style, and some good lighting can change the forgotten or overlooked corners of a downstairs basement into a delightful retreat.

Start with color, and don’t be afraid to get a little frisky – remember, this is your special space! Ceiling color might be important down in a basement room, where natural light is often hard to find. Rather than a neutral, a bit of color can wash a warm feeling into the whole room. Soft terra cotta, caramel, or a fawn tone will soothe and invite. Wall color is next, and here is your chance to have that spirited color that you were too afraid to use in the main rooms of your house! Perhaps it's aqua, orange, green apple, a serene lavender, or a delicious chocolate brown; whatever the color, let your imagination soar!

Now comes a splash of style or a surprise theme that will elevate the space and give it some panache. The Wall Stickers we have at My Wonderful Walls are the perfect makeover solution to help change the ordinary into something fabulous. Whether a teenage hangout, mom's yoga retreat, or a guest room for the travelers in your life, there is a motif that is sure to add enchantment and wonder to your new space.

One of the most important elements of developing a functioning and pleasant space is good lighting. Once you determine the purpose of the room, look for lighting that will accomplish what you need but also flatter the room and promote a sense of well-being. Light from varying sources is a great way to accomplish this without spending an arm and a leg on electricians. You could replace ceiling fixtures with a three or four lamp mini halogen track light, use table fixtures on nightstands or accent tables, or even make use of a floor lamp for ambience. For the kids, there are an abundance of cool 'mood' lights available, including lava lamps, salt lights, and fiber lights.

No matter the style or theme you choose, you will no doubt want to finish off the space with some special decorations or accessories to give it a flair all your own. This could be family photographs, a collection of vintage bottles and vases, or even come precious family heirlooms tucked into the shelves or placed on a mantle. Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful as long as you stick to things that truly move you with their beauty or speak to you with the memories of good times that they call to mind.

Above all, see this room as a gift and you will experience many happy hours in your new space that blossomed from the basement!