Customer Spotlight: Personalized Forest Mural in Illinois

by Stephanie Goins on March 24, 2013

forest tree wall mural

Customer satisfaction is what we are most proud of at My Wonderful Walls. When we hear from happy customers, it thrills us to know that we have a lasting place in their homes, even if it is only on their walls. Kristin and Paul from Illinois took a little time to paint their newborn son’s room before his arrival, and the result was absolutely exquisite.

Kristin purchased our forest themed stencils for their little boy. They wanted to create a space that was both comfortable and had an outdoorsy theme. Their mission was accomplished with the adorable forest creatures, multi-dimensional landscape effect, and versatile paint colors. They even created a little sign in the scene with their son’s name painted on it, making it even more personal for their little guy.

The name was not the only personal touch added to the mural. They got a little creative with the layering process, showing just how adaptable the stencils can be. It also helped to look at other kits to see if there were items that could be added for that special touch. In doing so, they found the blossom stencil that is normally seen with the Forest Friends kit for a girl, to add a few flowers to the hill in their son’s room. Their favorite scene is the pond scene with the frog, cattails, and turtle that all proudly sits next to their son’s name sign.

Kristin and her husband chose to use paint instead of wall stickers since they thought it would make the landscape in their son’s room have a more realistic effect. The whole project took them about a week; they used two whole afternoons to get the base colors down and then a couple hours on each of the other days to do the actual stencils. Kristin’s artistic comfort level is normally fair, but she said that the wall stencils were very easy to use. She shared a tip that she learned and that is to make sure to give the paint enough time to dry before adding the stencils. After seeing the final result, you’ll understand why she was so eager to get started!

We asked Kristin what she liked best about her experience painting her son’s room. They appreciated the fact that they had the option to purchase the paint and brushes directly from My Wonderful Walls. This saved them an unnecessary trip to the craft store during an already busy time in their lives. Also, their son was born prematurely and had to spend five weeks in the NICU. The project gave her and her husband something to focus on during this time, knowing it would be their special gift to him, especially during the hours that they were not allowed to visit him in the hospital. He is sure to appreciate their efforts throughout his childhood, as the result is simply wonderful.

Congratulations on your beautiful forest room, Kristin and Paul!