Adorable Mural Makeovers

by Stephanie Goins on March 25, 2013

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Everyone loves to go to grandma's house to play, visit, and spend the weekend. For two sweet little ones in Oldsmar, Florida, they could not have a better place to go. Kathy, the grandmother to Sophia, who will be 5 in May, and Landon, who just turned 2 in November, purchased a temporary home in Oldsmar to be closer to her grandchildren.

When she did, she began decorating two of the rooms – one for each of the kids. Her experience with My Wonderful Walls all began because of a dollhouse bed she purchase for Sophia. After one of her friends saw the bed, she mentioned that it would look perfect with a picket fence; so Kathy's search began.

She was originally searching for picket fence room décor. She found My Wonderful Walls by accident and was about to purchase the Garden Theme wall stencils

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when suddenly she realized they came in a wall sticker version. Although she was ready to start painting, she was happy to have found the Garden Theme wall stickers, as she would be able to complete the projects in minutes versus hours.

The colors of the bed were pink, lime green, and lavender, which matched the Garden Theme wall stickers perfectly. Kathy allowed Sophia to pick the paint colors for her walls; while she chose brighter colors that Grandma Kathy would have, Kathy did not mind as long as Sophia loved it – which she does.

Sophia also had a hand in helping Grandma choose where to put the stickers, helping the room become more hers than anyone else's. Kathy said the longest part of completing the room was painting the base colors, especially with 14-foot ceilings. For this she enlisted the help of her son-in-law.


For Landon, Kathy purchased the Under the Sea Theme wall stickers, and found a boat-shaped bed to complete the room. Currently, the kids are too young to interact with the characters on their walls; for Landon, who was unable to hear until Christmas, Kathy looks forward to hearing him chat up a storm soon, now that he is learning to talk. She can't wait for him to begin playing deep-sea diver in his new space.

In her search for wall décor, Kathy had purchased some other wall stickers from another store, but after reading online that the My Wonderful Walls ones had clear edges as opposed to white, she simply tossed them aside and plans to donate them to Goodwill. She found that My Wonderful Walls had everything she needed to help her grandchildren feel more at home when coming to visit. Now they have great rooms to play in; according to Kathy, it is all thanks to My Wonderful Walls. She says, "I could not have done such a great job without you!"

However, the Garden Theme and Under the Sea Theme wall stickers were not all she purchased. She ordered the dragon wall sticker set for another grandchild's room over the phone and declares that "Southern hospitality reigns," as talking with and dealing with the staff at My Wonderful Walls was a wonderful experience - she felt as though she were treated as an old friend and not just another customer.

Congrats, Kathy, on two stunning rooms – here’s to many wonderful years with your grandchildren!

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