A Successful Blending of Two Girls Room Themes

by Stephanie Goins on March 29, 2013


tree stencil fairy art

Recently, David and Carolyn from Australia shared their painting experience with us, and we are pleased to announce that another family from Shailer Park, Queensland, Australia, has done the same. Sandra recently created a bedroom for her daughter Sophie, combing together two of our very popular themes together: the Flower Garden Wall Mural and the Fairy Wall Mural. This provided an amazing play space for her daughter, who loves to lay on her bed and imagine what it would be like to be a fairy playing in the garden.

Sandra found My Wonderful Walls through a simple Internet search and knew that these two themes combined would be perfect for her daughter Sophie. She choose the 3-panel canvas Fairy Parade for one wall and the Splendid Garden Stencil Kit for the other.

She has experience painting and thought this project would be simple and fun; boy was she right - she was able to complete the project in only one day! However, she will admit that while she started painting with a small brush, she found a different way that was quicker and simpler. She ended up using a sponge to paint, as it was both faster and resulted in a unique and fun finished wall mural.

As an avid painter, Sandra had used stencils from other companies before. According to Sandra, they were the small plastic-type stencils; she soon realized that the unique design of the My Wonderful Walls stencils worked much better. She mentioned that our stencils lay flatter against the wall, making it simple to stay within the stencil lines without fear of the paint bleeding through underneath.

baby room wall mural  baby room wall mural   flower room painting

When ordering the wall mural stencil kit, Sandra had the pleasure of chatting and dealing with the customer services representatives of our company. She was surprised at how quickly her wall decor arrived and the condition they were in, especially since they were shipped all the way to Australia.

While creating the fairy garden for her daughter, Sophie, Sandra did use the photos on our website for reference. She said that it gave her some ideas on how to arrange the characters, but she also used her own creativity in the design. As with many of our customers, Sandra added her own personal touch by painting Sophie's name into one of the scenes. She also intends to add a fairy door so that Sophie can imagine that the fairies have a doorway into the garden when she is spending time in her room staring and smiling at the fairies.

When it came to the bugs and butterflies, although Sophie was too young to help, her older sister was able to help Sandra get them finished. It turns out that Sandra's favorite part is the butterflies and the picket fence. Although Sandra found this to be a fairy simple project, she does recommend that anyone who uses the wall stencils takes their time, as it helps ensure that your finished masterpiece will be successful as well.

flower room tree mural