Fairy Theme Wall Mural Stencils and Canvas Art

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Fanciful Fairies Stencil Kit

From $85.49 USD $94.99 USD
Fanciful Fairies Paint Pack

$56.69 USD $62.99 USD
Fairy with Dandelion Seed Stencil

$10.34 USD $11.49 USD
Fairy with Doll Stencil

$6.29 USD $6.99 USD
Fairy with Fabric Stencil

$7.19 USD $7.99 USD
Jumping Girl Fairy Stencil

$6.74 USD $7.49 USD
Leap Frog Fairies Stencil

$7.64 USD $8.49 USD
Bell Flower Stencil

$14.39 USD $15.99 USD
Cone Flower Stencil

$14.39 USD $14.99 USD
Daisy Flower Stencil 3

$12.14 USD $13.49 USD
Lily Pad Stencil 2

$6.29 USD $6.99 USD
Lily of the Valley Flower Stencil

$10.34 USD $11.49 USD
Star Stencil

$4.49 USD $4.99 USD
Reading Fairy Stencil

$7.19 USD $7.99 USD
Large Mushroom 2

$13.04 USD $14.49 USD
Grass Stencil 5

$8.09 USD $8.99 USD

Looking for fairy wall décor for your little girl’s room? You’ve come to the right place. The fairy theme is a great choice when decorating your baby girl’s nursery, or girl’s bedroom. Our fairy wall art collection is whimsical and beautiful and includes a wide selection of fun fairy wall stencils. Come in and browse our fairy room décor pages. We are sure you’ll love what you see!

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