Farm Nursery Mural Imitates Life

by Tara Woodbury on June 11, 2013

Farm Themed Nursery

It’s great when life can inspire parents to create a nursery or kids room that not only looks great but holds special meaning to the lucky boy or girl who gets to sleep there. Such was the case with Joyce up in Ontario, Canada who came to My Wonderful Walls looking for a gender neutral mural for her son Caleb, before he was even born. Joyce and her husband decided on our Friendly Farm stencils as they not only live on a pig farm but Caleb’s “Oma” has a dairy farm as well. This clearly was a match made in heaven. Here’s what Joyce had to say about creating the Friendly Farm Mural with My Wonderful Walls wall stencils.


My Wonderful Walls:  Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

Joyce:  We live on a pig farm, and my husband has a full time job on the side. Makes for a busy schedule but we are hoping moving onto the farm will calm it down a bit. I love to scrapbook and have started creating memory books online. After our son is in bed if I'm not on Shutterfly then I'm on Pinterest dreaming of my next creative project to my husbands’ dismay!!  We are expecting number 2 at the end of March and are excited and still a bit nervous for the big change! 

MWW: Where did you create your mural? 

Joyce: Huron County, Ontario, Canada

MWW: For whom is the mural intended?

Farm Themed NurseryJoyce:  Done for our son Caleb before he was born, we wanted a gender neutral room as we were not finding out the sex of the baby. He is now 1.5 years old and loves his room, especially pointing at the animals around his changing table!

MWW:  Tell us a little bit about why you chose the farm themed stencils.

Joyce:  Caleb loves to go out to the farm with his dad, and to help feed the calves at his Oma's farm.

MWW:  Why did you choose stencils over stickers?

Joyce:  I love the versatility of the stencils and the fact that I can reuse them!

MWW: How long did it take you to complete the project?

Joyce:  Painting the background took the longest, a day or two for the stencils at a leisurely pace.

MWW:  Describe your artistic comfort level.

Joyce:  I can come up with the ideas, but having help with the execution is great! Because my ideas never turn out like I see them in my head!

MWW:  Did you add any special touches to the room?

Joyce:  Just the curtains and bedding and such, to go with the farm theme.Farm Boys Room

MWW:  Do you have any helpful tips for the people that use our stencils?

Joyce:  I found it easiest to peel off the stencils before the paint was dry, gave me the best results.

MWW:  Tell us a little about your experience with the product and the My Wonderful Walls folks in general.

Joyce:  Love everything about it and have bought the Forest Friends Kit for our second child. Stephanie and her husband are very helpful and the photos they post are very inspirational! I love that they offer deals on their 'mistake' pieces too! 


Thanks for sharing with us Joyce! We can’t wait to see how your Forest Friends themed room comes out. If you’ve been inspired to start your nursery or kids room mural today, get in touch. We’d love to have you become part of the My Wonderful Walls family too.

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 Blog post written by Tara