Grandparents Give the Gift of Fun with Ocean Themed Wall Stickers

by Tara Woodbury on June 21, 2013


Not only do parents love our wall stickers and wall mural stencils but we get lots calls from grandparents looking to spruce up a playroom or bedroom for the grandchildren. Now we all know how grandparents love to spoil the kids so of course we want to help them provide the best and most fun wall mural imaginable. Like when Sharon and Alan, grandparents to 3, found My Wonderful Walls on the web, they knew their grandchildren who love fish and had just visited an aquarium would flip over the Under the Sea Wall Stickers. What child wouldn’t love playing next to a mermaid or giant octopus or napping under a school of fish? Sharon and Alan told us they selected stickers instead of the Ocean Themed Stencil Kit since they felt there was more room for making a mistake and that they could reposition characters over time.

The pair consider themselves “dabblers” when it comes to art and were appreciative of the personalized attention they received from Stephanie.  Sharon said, “She provided us with the correct paint colors and then advised how to get three personalized stickers when my husband didn't order them properly.”  (And you’ll get the same personalized attention if you call our office!)

One tool the grandparents found helpful was the Virtual Mural Maker on our site. They were able to mock up the room online and then take a screenshot and print to get an idea of where they would place the stickers. All in all it took about 2 hours to do the whole room, including painting. The couple confesses they mixed in some other wall stickers they had received as a gift but said ours were easier to use and their experience closely mimicked what they saw on the sticker demo video on the site. They also loved that there were enough stickers to do multiple walls, something you won’t find with other sticker kits. 

We hope that Sharon and Alan’s three grandkids; Ethan, Allyson and Tori will have many years of fun playing in the ocean-themed room created with love for them. If you’re a grandparent or parent who would like to immerse your favorite kiddos in wonderful wall decor, please visit our site and feel free to email or call us. We truly want to hear from you!


Blog post written by Tara