Texas Couple Stencils Sea Creatures in Swimming Pool

by Tara Woodbury on June 28, 2013

Octopus Stencil on Pool Floor


We’ve had some customers use My Wonderful Walls wall stencils in some creative ways but when we saw what Ruth and Milt from El Paso did with the Under the Sea kit we were delighted. Whether they are the first to use our stencils for a pool makeover, we don’t know but it’s the first time we’ve featured such a project on our blog. We also just love the attitude of this couple who say they have been married 31 years and “still like each other”.

Here’s what Ruth had to say about their new swimming pool mural:

My Wonderful Walls: Tell us a little bit about why you chose the Under The Sea Wall Stencil theme?
Ruth: We were painting our swimming pool and I wanted aSea Life theme, as we use our swimming pool every weekend. I have stenciled our pool in the past and wanted to continue with this theme as we love the beach.

MWW: How did your kids/people react to your new pool?
Ruth: We have no children, but our friends are impressed with how beautiful our pool is!!!!

MWW: How long did it take you to complete your project?
Ruth: 2 or 3 days

MWW: What is your artistic comfort leveI?
Ruth: I love to cross stitch, rubber stamping, but that is following a pattern.

MWW: What did you enjoy about the mural making process? Was it what you expected?
Ruth: The project was really easy, as we were only using one color. Pool paint is completely different from regular paint, as well as expensive. Because we painted the base a royal blue and stenciled in white. We had to apply 2 - 3 coats of paint for the image to look good.

MWW: Did you add any personal touches to the standard mural you received?
Ruth: I wanted to have all four walls with art on them, which we did and some of the stencils we used twice. I also wanted a welcome from hubby and me to our guest, so as you walk down the steps, there is the male and female mermaid welcoming you

MWW: Did you have any favorite elements of the mural?
Ruth: The mermaids as I mentioned and I stenciled the boy and girl swimmers with the anchor above and below the light.

MWW: Do you have any helpful hints for people who use our products?
Ruth: It’s easy!! I was surprised how simple the wall stencils were to use. I had previously used stencils I got from a local school supply store. Their product did the job but was not the quality of your stencils. Theirs did not have adhesive backing therefore I had to tape the stencils to the wall. Also their stencils were not as "strong" construction as yours were.

MWW: What else would you like to tell us about your or your project?
Ruth: Hubby and I love the sun, we have a timeshare in Cancun and we get away every year... the 15th week and just simply relax. We both are professionals with stressful jobs and need our down time. Hence, we use our swimming pool every weekend, from May to September. In El Paso, we are known as the "Sun City" and we do get a lot of sun, so what a better way to have "our" time in our backyard!!!


We couldn’t agree more Ruth! Sounds like a great way to spend some quality time together and the My Wonderful Walls team is happy to be a part of your summer fun. Enjoy that pool! 


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