Transportation Wall Stickers Help Make a House a Home in the UK

by Tara Woodbury on September 11, 2013

Transportation Wall Mural
Often decorating or redecorating a house can be therapeutic or it can be celebratory. In some cases it can be both, like for one family in the UK who created a transportation wall mural for their police car loving son to welcome him to his new home.

Parents, Sarah and James from Wigan finally found their dream home after some turbulent times. They had recently dealt with Sarah’s father being diagnosed with cancer as well as the birth of their youngest son who became ill with meningitis. In the midst of all this they were trying to sell two houses and purchase another, and were living temporarily with Sarah’s parents. Not being able to create a special bedroom for their son in the last 18 months, the first room they tackled was Joseph’s bedroom. Sarah and James are both police officers and Joseph loves police cars, planes and helicopters so when they found our Transportation Fascination Wall Sticker Kit, they thought it was a perfect fit. Sarah says they chose wall stickers versus stencils to create their son’s mural as they felt stickers would be easier and they could be moved if needed. Once she decided on a theme for Joseph’s room, they searched the UK for wall stickers that would meet their needs. Finding other wall stickers were smaller in size and number, Sarah expanded her search and found My Wonderful Walls on the internet.

As happens often with our overseas customers, Sarah first inquired about the postage to the UK and reports she was very pleased at the personal attention she received. The fact that we are a family run business not a huge company where you have to speak to several people before you get an answer made her very happy.

Once the couple got into the project (working at night while the boys slept) it took a totally of 3 days to complete. The rolling hills and sky were the only personal touches they added and found that though they don’t consider themselves artistic, they had great fun and would do it again. They laid out each sticker and planned where it would go around the furniture before applying to the walls. Sarah recommends having two people to work together especially with some of the larger stickers. Once Joseph saw his room he was overcome with emotion and parents and son alike shed a tear or two. It was the first room they decorated in the house and very special. The proud parents remark that Joseph likes to play at “driving” the fire engine or “flying” the helicopter before bed. Sarah and James picked the personalized name banner as their favorite part along with the rocket with the stars coming out the back. Sarah says hubby James is particularly proud of the latter as that was his doing.

Now that Joseph has a very special room in his new house we know he will grow up feeling all the love that went into his wall mural and mom and dad can take pride in a job well done. We here at My Wonderful Walls wish the family all the best in their new home!

Transportation Themed Room