Splendid Garden Wall Stickers Allow Princess to Play in Pretend Forest

by Tara Woodbury on September 09, 2013

Splendid Garden Wall Stickers

Looking for a nursery or girls’ room theme that is less traditional and still colorful and fun? You might find our Splendid Garden Wall Stickers offer just the right solution like one California couple did. Jeannine and Rob wanted to create a wall mural for daughter Gianna, then 2, that was unusual and a little more mature but they also wanted it to have bright colors and fun critters. They found My Wonderful Walls on the internet when Jeannine was looking for wall mural products for a women’s shelter she was working at and the Goins were happy to help. Later when it came time to create a special room for Gianna, they knew just where to come.

Garden Girls RoomMom, Jeannine tells us that her artistic comfort level is pretty average but the mural took only a day to create. She loves to have fun and dance around with Gianna and even created a “mom tutu” that matches one Gianna has and says “in my own head…I look good!” The only issue the parents had with creating Gianna’s new room was with the painting of the background and baseboards. Jeannine offers that next time she will use these tips she found: When painting the base boards, the colored paint tends to drip on to the white boards. What you do is 1) tape off the base board 2) paint along the base board in white (or whatever color your baseboard is). This way, whatever drips through will be the color of the board. 3) Then paint the color of the wall 4) When you peel off the tape, there should be a nice clean line. Great tips!

Once the room was painted, the pair started on their flower wall mural and were happy to do the project together. They added a few extra touches like mirrors for the middle of the flowers and bubble eyes for the animals. Jeannine says her favorite element in the mural is the leaping frog. And what did Gianna think when the new room was unveiled? According to her mother, she went nuts and ran around the room screaming. “To this day, when we have visitors to our home, the first thing she does is grab their hand and say ‘come see my room!’ She is so proud to show it off”, says Jeannine.

Jeannine notes that the video tutorials on the website were a big help to her and got her over her fears so she could just jump in. She notes all the tools on the website were useful to the couple as they planned their daughter’s flower wall mural. As far as the service they received from My Wonderful Walls, Jeannine says she cannot say enough wonderful things about the people behind My Wonderful Walls. “They are a small family business with a heart for their community. They use their products to bring joy to the less fortunate and have generous hearts. They provide excellent service and guarantee the quality of their products. Obviously, I highly recommend."

Jeannine and Rob are planning a move and already have a princess themed room in mind for Gianna (with the help of My Wonderful Walls of course). We can’t wait to help them make the new mural a reality and to see the after pictures!

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