Transportation Wall Stickers Help Car Loving Toddler Recuperate

by Tara Woodbury on October 15, 2013


Transportation Themed Wall MuralParents of little boys often come to us saying the same thing “my son is obsessed with cars, planes, anything that moves!” Lucky for them Stephanie and Michael understand that only too well being parents to two boys of their own! They have a variety of wall décor products for transportation loving kids including wall stickers, wall stencils and canvas wall art and a staff ready to help with any questions or concerns.

Allison came to My Wonderful Walls when it was time to give her son, Benjamin, a big boy room makeover. Benjamin, age 2, is definitely car obsessed according to his mother. Allison had used My Wonderful Walls stickers she found on Etsy for her daughter Ella’s room and knew she could find a high quality transportation decal set on our site. She says she has bought vinyl stickers in the past from other stores and the quality of our fabric stickers can’t be beat. “They stay on the wall, can be moved and the texture gives them life that a vinyl sticker could never do!” according to this Calgary, Alberta mom. Allison chose stickers over stencils as she wanted to be able to take the set with them if they were to move (something they did with their daughter’s wall stickers after 18 months by the way). She also finds it nice to be able to reposition the elements of the mural if needed, something you can’t do with a painted mural.

This bedroom makeover came at an opportune time for Allison and Benjamin too. You see, Benjamin fractured his femur and had to be on limited activity for a 2 to 3 week period. Any parent of a toddler will tell you that is no easy feat! But Benjamin could sit in his crib while mom painted and followed his direction as to where to place certain stickers. “He didn’t feel like he was being limited, he felt like he was supervising Mommy”, remembers Allison. And the room was a family affair with big sister, Ella, pitching in to hang up the star wall stickers. Allison’s advice for anyone creating a mural with our wall stickers is not to be afraid to make a mistake or move things around and have fun with your project!

The customer photos on our website of painted hills for the background were very useful to Allison who says she’s somewhat comfortable being creative. Having grown up with an artist for a grandmother and spending a lot of time around her studio, Allison now feels she is carrying on the tradition of creating things for her family. Her projects don’t always turn out how she envisioned them but this bedroom makeover lived up to her expectations. It took about 4 or 5 hours total including time to paint the hills for Ben’s room to be finished. Allison’s favorite part of the mural is the personalized plane and banner over his bed while Benjamin would pick the choo-choo racing down the hill. Mom says the look on her little guy's face when they unveiled the finished room to him was full of joy, excitement and happiness and says "It's an emotion I wish I could still tap into as an adult." A week into his new room and Ben still squealed with delight at every nap or bedtime.

In dealing with My Wonderful Walls, what really stood out for Allison was the customer service she received. She tells us she considers herself spoiled now by email replies within one day and the staff who listened to her ideas about future products. We hope it’s that wonderful experience that brings Allison back to us for her next bedroom makeover! Maybe this time it’s her turn?



Blog post written by Tara