How to Use Feathers to Decorate Your Home

by Tara Woodbury on March 24, 2017


If you want to add some airy, whimsical décor to your home, feathers can be a great medium to use in many DIY projects. You can create some very inexpensive yet beautiful décor with feathers and a little imagination. Here are some of our favorites from around the web. 

How about a super simple Feather Votive Candle? These can be as colorful or as subtle as you want with your choice of naturally colored or painted feathers. We found this idea on Hayseed Homemakin’ and it won’t take much imagination on your part to replicate this candle craft.

DIY Feather Votive

 These versatile Clay Feathers from Kelli at 100 Layer Cake will last longer than the real thing, they’re hypo allergenic and can be used for mobiles, wreaths, table settings and more. 

DIY Clay Feathers

Creating a whimsical nursery with feather accents? How about this DIY Gauze Swaddle Blanket from Miggy at This Little Miggy Stayed Home? 

Blanket with Feather Design

Add instant elegance and glamour to any room with this DIY Feather Pendant. Laura from A Beautiful Mess shows you how.

Feather Pendant

If dreamcatchers are your thing, create your own with these instructions from Lisa at Tuts Plus. This is a more modern take on a dreamcatcher but once you get the basics down, you could use any materials you want. 

DIY Modern Dreamcatcher

Finally, if you love the look of a boho chic dreamcatcher, check out our new Bull Cow Skull Dreamcatcher Wall Decal. This beautiful skull is decorated with flowers and feathers making it ideal for offices, bedrooms and living spaces. Easy to hang, move and remove, this wall sticker is a great way to add some feathers and flowers to your décor without spending much time or money! 

Bull Cow Skull Dreamcatcher Decal

Now that you have several ideas to add some fun feathers to your home décor, where will you add them? Comment below and let us know. Make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter to get ideas like this and more delivered to your inbox.