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Five Hot Home Decor Ideas You Can DIY for Less 1

If you ever puruse the decorating magazines whilst waiting in the checkout line or  spend a lot of time checking out the latest décor trends on your computer, you may be dreaming of creating something new and fabulous this year. But for most of us, the cost of staying on top of the “hottest trends” in home décor can be prohibitive. Well we’re here to give you hope with five hot home décor ideas you can DIY for much less than you can purchase and many are super simple as well! Ready? Let’s create!

Paint Your Own Milking Stool

If you’re looking to add some antiques or antique looking furniture to your home, today’s trend is to mix and match pieces of different eras and places. Maybe you’d like a little chic French countryside feel in your kitchen? You can spend a few hundred on an antique milking stool with lettering or you can DIY one for yourself! If you’re lucky enough to find a castoff stool like Erin at Elizabeth Joan Designs did, you can easily use some printable graphics and a little elbow grease to create a lovely French Lettered Milking Stool. Ooh la la!

Monarch Butterfly Art
Elle Decor reported the butterfly effect would be taking hold in 2017. You will see these beautiful, colorful creatures on walls, upholstery and more. You could buy some very beautiful butterfly wallpaper or you could add your own fluttering butterfly motif to your walls with butterfly themed wall decals or butterfly wall stencils for much less and with less fuss. The beauty of wall stencils is you can choose the colors you like for each butterfly and add texture and depth by blending colors. Wall stickers make it easy to change out your décor as the trends or your own personal taste changes.

 Wine Cork Board

Cork is hot again in 2017 according to It will be popping up on walls, furniture, floors and taking over entire rooms this year. Cork is great for adding a warm tone to any room and also for absorbing noise! Rather than pay someone to install a cork wall for your den or home office, you can DIY one yourself with these easy steps from Jenny at Jenny Collier . Not quite ready for that much cork? Check out this old window turned cork board from Jessica at Mom 4 Real.

Painting Faux Marble
Marble is also popping up all over in 2017 from walls to counter tops to tables. But if you want to add the look of marble to your kitchen or dining room without the expense, use this technique for painting faux Carrara Marble from Diane at In My Own Style.

DIY Nailhead Table

Where you’d often see nailhead detailing on upholstered furniture, it’s now cropping up on wood furniture, lighting fixtures and more. Don’t want to spend the money for new furniture? Follow this trend and makeover any furniture piece you want on the cheap by following the tutorial from Jessica at Mad In Crafts.

DIY His and Her Planters
If you’re a fan of Jonathan Adler designs you could drop $28 and more on a boy/girl bud vase or you could follow the His & Her DIY Face Planters from Amy at Delineate Your Dwelling for much less. And they are super cute to boot!
Now that you’ve seen it is possible to add some fun, trendy pieces to your home this year, what will you start with? Make sure to share your pics with us by tagging us on Instagram at @mywonderfulwalls!

Valentine's Day DIY Gift Ideas with Heart Stencils 0

Have you been shopping for your Valentine but feel like you’re looking for love in all the wrong places? Our heart themed stencils are just the thing to let your husband, wife, girlfriend, fiancé, best friend or child know you care! Why buy a box of chocolates or a flower bouquet when you can paint your way into their heart? Our heart wall stencils are self-adhesive so they are easy to use and come in a variety of heart shaped themes so you can paint hearts on your walls, furniture, décor and crafts!

Want to show your honey you are head over heels in love? Start with our Heart Stencil Allover Pattern and create a wall of love! To create a look like this, you’ll need one wall stencil sheet, acrylic paint, foam roller, small brush for details, a paper plate and some paper towels. That’s it! You simply stick the stencil on, paint, let it dry, remove and repeat. You won’t need any glue or tape because our stencils are self-adhesive. Easy peasy! 

Heart Stencil Allover Pattern


If you’re proud to let everyone know about the love your family shares, create a personalized welcome doormat with our Love Lives Here Stencil. You can get the look shown in the video below by sticking our stencil on a simple doormat (ours was made from coconut material) and painting using spray bottles of fabric paint you can buy at your local hobby/craft store. This stencil looks equally great on walls and can be personalized with your family name. Wouldn’t this make a great gift for newlyweds or new homeowners?


Your kids light up your life like a rainbow on a rainy day, right? Now you can show them the depth of your love by painting a beautiful Cloud and Raining Hearts design on their walls, door, or shower curtain. You could stencil this heart design anywhere! What kiddo won’t feel extra special that their parents painted them their own heart mural and you don’t have to let them know how easy it was! 

 Raining Heart Wall Stencil Set


Still don’t know what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day this year? Here are five other uses for our fabulous heart stencils:

  1. Paint a decorative mailbox with our heart stencil and then fill it with love letters!
  2. Take an up-cycled wood pallet and turn it into a sign showing off your family values with our Love Lives Here Stencil.
  3. Get practical and paint a shower curtain with fabric paint and our Cloud and Raining Hearts stencil!
  4. Plan a romantic night for your honey and decorate the bedroom door with stenciled hearts to surprise him or her.
  5. Create a backyard love nest (if it’s warm where you live) and paint hearts on a table and chairs, planters or a large heart mural on the fence. Even if it’s not that warm, enjoy it with a cup of your favorite beverage and cuddle up!

Hearts are always a good idea on Valentine’s Day and really any day you want to show your admiration for a special someone. Whether you paint a wall, stencil a door, add hearts to your furniture or create a heart themed craft, you can’t go wrong. Check out all of our heart pattern stencils this February and keep the love going all year long!

    How to Use Flower Stencils for DIY Decor 0

    Rose Stencil

    Flower stencils can be used paint an attractive room border, an element of a larger wall mural, or to accent doors, ceilings, furniture, accessories and other craft projects. Our self-adhesive wall stencils make it so easy to create a beautiful flower pattern or a single large bloom. And they aren’t just for your walls! If you have a flower lover in your life keep reading to see several easy DIY flower stencil projects you can create in no time.
    My Wonderful Walls carries several flower stencils perfect for kids’ rooms or grown up spaces. Some of our new designs include the English Rose Stencil, Dandelion Stencil and Cherry Blossoms Stencil Set. Whichever bloom you choose, you can’t go wrong with our self-adhesive stencils. For stencil painting, here is a list of general supplies you will need:


    • Acrylic paints - used for stenciling
    • Some of your background paint for touch ups
    • Pre-painted room - painted with latex paint (semi-gloss or satin recommended)
    • Brushes – We recommend a small foam roller brush for small stencils and large roller brush for larger stencils and stencil brushes or flat top bristle brushes to add shading and texture if desired
    • 1 fine-tip brush for touch-ups
    • Paper plates and paint tray
    • Paper towels and baby wipes
    • Scissors - used for separating stencils


    To use our wall stencils to create a perfect flower design, you simply need to peel the stencil from the back, press it on your walls (no adhesive needed) and begin painting. Check out this video below that shows you how easy our English Rose Wall Stencils are to use.

    My Wonderful Walls stencils are great for crafting and painting furniture too! Want to create a stenciled table? Use the same steps you would to create a flower pattern on your walls and apply it to a wooden table.

    Want to create a beautiful flower throw pillow like those shown here but you can’t sew? Buy a plain white pillow and use our flower stencils to create your own. This is a much less expensive solution and you can brag to your friends that you created those adorable accent pillows.

    Flower Pillows

    Looking to create fun favors for a party or wedding shower? How about painting your own canvas tote bags and stuffing them full of goodies for your guests? Our stencils are perfect for painting canvas. Just apply the stencils, paint with a sponge brush and repeat! You will easily have beautiful flower tote bags in no time.

    You can even use our stencils outdoors! Try our Cherry Blossoms Stencil Set to paint a fun mailbox. Use acrylic paint with a clear coating of polyurethane spray for projects like this. You can also paint a beautiful dandelion fence by using our stencils and exterior latex paint. Now you can have a reminder of warmer months all year long!

    How to Decorate a Mailbox

    Whether you want to create a flower mural in your bedroom, or just paint a beautiful single rose, our self-adhesive stencils will help you get the look you want. And once you’ve added a stunning flower design to your walls, don’t let the fun stop there. Add some floral charm to furniture, doors, canvas totes and much, much more. Let us know in the comments below what you’ll be stenciling this year!

    Tips for Decorating Small Spaces 0

    Decorating Small Spaces

    With the tiny house movement being forefront on many home improvement television shows and on social media lately, it may have you thinking about downsizing. Whether you’re looking for your first tiny home or living in a small apartment or home now, you may have some questions about decorating small spaces. From wall décor to flooring, you can do a lot with a small amount of space and use budget friendly décor to make cozy areas appear larger.

    Wall décor can often be a challenge with small rooms and open spaces. If you are trying to decorate multi-purposed rooms, try creating some separation with a stenciled wall. You can easily distinguish a work space, for example, by using patterned stencils behind your desk area. Not a fan of painting? Try some of our striped wall decals to create a stunning accent wall.

    When looking at small walls, especially in a rental, art wall decals can be a simple solution. Try wall decals in the living room to add some color and class. Use border wall decals or vertical stripes to draw the eye up, making the room appear larger. You can even decorate your tiny bathroom with a cute quote wall decal like this Valentina Harper design.

    Motivational Wall Sticker
    By using cool paint colors on your solid walls, you’ll instantly make rooms appear airy and open. Use wall stickers and wall stencils to add pops of warmer colors and create interest. Add white or light colored furniture to help trick the eye as well. Putting large mirrors on your walls will help rooms appear bigger. Finally, when it comes to storage, go vertical by using typically unused space for shelving. Shelves above doorways, windows, beneath stairs and along hallways can be a great way to maximize storage. Corner shelving units and desks in small apartments can be a great space saver.

    Once your walls are looking wonderful, you can add ceiling to floor length window treatments to draw the eye up and make ceilings appear higher than they are. Also, use colors that blend with the walls to create an unbroken line and make the room seem bigger. Curtains can be used as room dividers for open spaces or to create a room within a room.

    Long curtains help rooms appear larger
    Your floors should be light in color when you’re living in a small space. Also, use the same flooring throughout to keep the flow and avoid chopping up rooms, making them seem smaller. If you are living in a multi-family home or apartment building, installing noise reducing flooring can help prevent that “crowded in feeling”. Living in a tiny home or thinking about building one? Use sub-floor storage to help keep your clutter to a minimum.

    You can also use multi-functional pieces of furniture to not only decorate but serve a purpose in your home. Try mirrors with storage shelves, drawers under beds for storage, desks that fold flat against the wall when not in use and reveal a chalkboard for the kids to draw on. With space being at a minimum, you must think a little outside of the box with your furniture.

    Wood stripe decals

    For anyone who is struggling with small space decorating, we hope these ideas will help you. There are plenty more ideas for both DIY décor and things you can purchase when you search Pinterest. Remember to follow these tips as a guideline only and your personal touches along the way. Start with your wall decor, move on to the windows and then your floors and finally add smart furniture to help you maximize your space and no home will feel too small!

    How To Pick the Right Paint Color 0

     Painting Interior Rooms

    It’s a myth that winter is a bad time to paint your interiors. As long as your room has some ventilation, you will be able to paint. You can also choose a water based latex paint with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to reduce the lingering paint smell. So, if you’re thinking about changing it up a bit with a new paint color, we’ve got some tips on choosing the right one.

    Not only should you consider the color you paint your walls, ceilings and trim but make sure you are using the right type paint for the job. You’ll want to stick with latex paint for your walls and ceilings and can use oil based paints for your trim and molding if they are made from real wood. Then you’ll need to pick from high gloss, semi or flat sheen. High gloss paints are great for rooms with heavy traffic or where kids will be hanging out, because you can easily wipe them with a damp sponge. However, rooms painted with a high gloss finish, tend to show off imperfections more easily as well so keep that in mind. If you choose a semi-gloss finish, you can still clean the walls pretty easily but you’ll lose some of the shine.  Choose flat or matte paints to camouflage any problem areas in the wall but be aware, they will not be as easy to clean. So, in a high traffic area with lots of imperfection in the wall, you can choose an eggshell sheen which does the same job as a flat paint but is also a little easier to clean.

    Now it’s time for the fun part, picking colors! Unless you are selling your home, your choice can be a very personal one. If you are putting your house on the market soon, you’ll want to think about painting or re-painting the walls white or very light neutrals to allow the buyers to imagine their own personality in the home. But if you just want to add some life to a room or your bedroom walls are looking a little dingy, the sky is the limit!

    If you read our newsletter this week, you saw Pantone came out with its 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery. Following trends, and checking out what the “hot” colors are this season is one way to pick your paint colors. However, what is trendy right now, might not be in line with your personality and the look and feel of your home. If you’re looking to create a calm and peaceful room, choose soft, cool and neutral hues. But if you want to achieve a room where everyone will feel welcomed and sociable? Try a palette of warm, contrasting, bright colors to achieve that atmosphere.Stripe border in kitchen

    Not sure what kind of mood you want to create? Another source of inspiration can be the accents and artwork you’ve already chosen for your home. The colors that show up in many of them are obviously colors you are fond of, so why not paint a room in that color? Don’t want to go too bold in painting an entire room? Create an accent wall with a new color using one of our self-adhesive pattern stencils or stripe wall decals!

    You can use the other rooms in your house to help you choose wisely as well. Make sure as you pass from room to room the colors will flow together nicely and make sense. If you think of your home (especially with an open floor plan) as a giant piece of art, you’ll be able to stand in one room, look into another and imagine how the color change might look in relation to the room you are in.

    Lastly, rely on the color wheel! Choose colors that are opposite each other, like red and green, and they will play off each other in a bold way.  But sticking within one shade of color (like all blues) will create a subtler look. If you take a color wheel and draw a line from the yellow-green mark down to the red-violet mark, all the colors on the left are warm and on the right, are your cool colors. Choosing colors from the cool side, will help rooms appear larger and airy. Warm colors will help a room appear more vibrant. However, you can easily mix it up by painting the walls in a paint color from one color family and adding complements from the other side of the wheel.

    Color Wheel

    Once you start to get an idea of the colors you would like to use, try them out! Beyond the paint cards at your local paint store, get a small sample of the color (most stores offer these now) and either paint a spot on the wall with the best lighting in the room or paint a piece of foam board and hang that up to give you a feel for the color. Try holding it next to the furniture in the room as well before you commit. Two colors pulling at your heartstrings? Try them both out for a few days and see which one you really like best. Then you can pick a trim color as well.

    Now it’s time to prep and paint! We hope these tips will help you when you choose a new paint color for your home. You can also check out our blog article on Painting 101 – How to Get Professional Results by Yourself. Remember, use your imagination when coming up with a new color scheme for your painted walls unless you’re putting your home on the market. And most importantly, have fun!


    Five Simple DIY Decor Ideas for After the Holidays 0

    DIY Fabric Headboard


    Now that the winter holidays are over, it doesn’t mean you can’t deck the halls (and the mantle and the walls….). If you’ve taken down the tree and the lights and are left feeling a little uninspired, here are five simple DIY décor ideas for your home after the holidays.

    1. Use Your Lights

    Paper Cube Lights

    When the tree is down and you take the lights off the front bushes, you can use your string lights to make a fun garland for your mantle or headboard by following the easy DIY instructions from Amanda at Wit and Whistle or cupcake flower lights from Steph at Oh Happy Day.
     2. DIY Pelmet Box

    DIY Window Treatments

    You can make over any window in minutes with this DIY Pelmet Box idea from Little Green Notebook. This is especially good if you can’t or don’t want to hang blind or long panels. What an easy change you can make today with just some fabric, foam core board, batting, Fabri-tac and hardware.

    3. DIY Fabric Headboard

    DIY Headboard Ideas

    Make a Retro Fabric DIY Headboard with these step by step instructions from Briana at Kindle Your Creativity. You can go as wild or as tame as you want with your fabric choice.

    4. Wine Cork Trivet

    Did you and your guests indulge in some adult beverages? Hey, we’re not judging! If you have a lot of wine bottles and corks in your recycling bin, check out this idea for a Wine Cork Trivet from

    5. Winter Door Decor

    Winter Door Wreath

    Using some of her existing Christmas decorations, Dinah at DIY Inspired created this hanging basket with a burlap ribbon. You could create something similar with any flowers or floral picks, garland and ribbon you have left over.


    Helios Sun Wall Sticker  

    January can be cold and grey but if you try out some of these DIY winter décor ideas you are sure to feel a little more festive. If you aren’t into making your own décor, try one of our fabric wall decals for an instant touch of wonderful color to any room in the house or stencil yourself an accent wall with our self-adhesive stencils!