Unique Uses For Wall Stencils

by MWW Office on November 01, 2017

When you use a wall stencil to transform your walls, you may wonder if there are any other ways to utilize this product for future uses. The good news is there are tons of unique uses for wall stencils to help you get the most out them! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use stencils on areas other than walls.

1. Furniture

One of the more obvious of the unique uses for wall stencils is to add a lovely pattern to a favorite piece of furniture. Whether looking to add some raised texture to a coffee table with a metallic paint and a perfectly patterned stencil, or add a touch of vintage charm to an old dresser with branches outstretched and birds on the limbs, there are tons of creative ways to use your favorite wall stencils to transform drab furniture into something a bit more stylish and to your liking.

2. Ceilings and floors

Wall stencils aren’t just for walls! While a perfectly placed stencil on the wall is a great way to attract attention to any space, you can also place a pattern on the ceiling or floor for a different approach to this popular style choice. While you may be able to use the same paint for the ceiling as you would normally use for the wall, you may need to look into a paint made specifically for flooring to ensure durability and longevity of your new creation.

3. Pillows and bedding

Another way to use wall stencils to create something unique is to add some art to pillows and bedding. Again, you will want to look into an appropriate paint option, such as fabric paint which won’t come off in the wash, to ensure you use the right solution for not only the surface of the material but also the care instructions over time. This allows you to transform boring designs into some that are truly one of a kind for your home.

4. Mailboxes

Who says all the unique uses for wall stencils have to stay inside the home? Dress up your mailbox with some cute stencil work to add much-needed curb appeal. Whether you choose to do something whimsical like the outline of a pineapple for a vibrant choice perfect for tropical settings, an intricate pattern for a modern appeal, or a puppy paws outline to show your love of your four-legged family member, stenciling a mailbox is an easy way to add some charm.

5. Artwork

Of course, there is nothing that says you can’t use wall stencils to make your very own artwork! From adding accent borders to an already existing canvas of work to a stencil of a butterfly colored in your favorite colors, stencils can be a useful tool in the creation of art. When you want to experiment with patterns and colors on a smaller surface without taking up the entire wall, working on canvas is a great alternative which still allows you to hang the art on the wall when completed.