The Friendly Farm Stencil Kit by My Wonderful Walls makes is easy for you give your baby a colorful farm nursery mural. You don't, however, have to stop with the walls. In this video, we provide some cute and FREE ideas for accessorizing your farm theme nursery. By adding a few accessories, you can really make the mural pop from the walls of the baby nursery! This video shows ideas that take a mural so much further!



Transcript: Accessorizing the Friendly Farm Stencil Kit
Stephanie – You can easily accessorize the Friendly Farm Stencil Kit from with things you find around the house. Make a pillow out of bandanas for the rocker. Relocate the ceramic chicken from the kitchen to the bedroom. Fill a wagon with toys and stuffed animals that complement the farm theme. Place a piggy bank on the dresser. Use a basket or tin bucket as a trash can. Fill a vase with colorful, silk sunflowers, or tie bandanas around the necks of stuffed animals., where we make it easy for your walls to be wonderful.