Fleur de Lis Pattern Wall Stencil - Self-Adhesive

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$29.99 USD

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Feminine yet formidable, you cannot go wrong with our fleur de lis pattern wall stencils. Offering a unique twist on the iconic symbol, our fleur de lis pattern wall stencils will you have feeling like French royalty in no time – minus the powdered wigs. Cleverly integrated, this artistic emblem radiates its classic grace multiple times within our fleur de lis pattern wall stencils. Appropriate for formal spaces and family spaces alike, our fleur de lis offers endless opportunities for your creativity to transform your humble walls. All of our fleur de lis wall décor stencils are self-adhesive and require zero additional (and potentially harmful) spray adhesive on our end. Just peel and stick! Each pattern piece is 8.9" around, and each stencil sheet is approximately 2'w x 3'h.

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