Gardener Mouse on wall
Gardener mouse decal on books
Gardener mouse decal on laptop

Gardener Mouse in Mouse Hole Decal - Mouse Hole 3D Wall Sticker

$6.99 USD

Measurements: 5 inches wide X 5 inches high

Beyond the wall, a mouse hole unveils,
A gardener mouse, where enchantment prevails.
Nursery sticker, a doorway to dreams,
Transforming kids' rooms with nature's themes.

This decal, a mural of playful delight,
A funny gift, igniting laughter's light.
Garden art blossoms in vibrant hues,
As the mouse tends flowers, painting life anew.

A gift for gardeners, a cherished find,
For those with green thumbs, a treasure to bind.
Gifts for gardener women, with love bestowed,
Embracing their passion, a garden they've sowed.

Let this sticker grace your walls with grace,
Garden wall decor, a tranquil embrace.
A gardener's paradise, brought to life,
Where whimsy and nature banish strife.

In this magical world, dreams take root,
With the gardener mouse, life's beauty to salute.
So welcome the charm of this wondrous scene,
With the Mouse Hole 3D Wall Sticker, let imagination convene.


  • Super easy to apply - simply peel and stick
  • Great for walls, windows, virtually any flat surface
  • Made of removable vinyl with a matte finish
  • Will work on lightly textured surfaces
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Repositionable, removable & mess-free
  • Printed with GreenGuard Certified inks for low VOC
  • Superb in quality and design

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