King and Queen Mice decal on wall
King and Queen Mice decal with books
King and Queen Mice on notebook
King and Queen Mice above countertop
King and Queen Mice on stairs
King and Queen Mice on dresser
King and Queen Mice on luggage
King and Queen Mice decal on laptop

King and Queen Mice in Mouse Hole Decal - Mouse Hole 3D Wall Sticker

$6.99 USD

Measurements: 5 inches wide X 5 inches high

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Behold, a mouse hole, a portal of delight,
Opening to a realm with colors so bright.
A royal couple, mice of grace and charm,
Dressed in regal attire, sitting upon a throne arm in arm.

Their majesty shines, their presence divine,
Captivating hearts with every design.
Adorn your walls with this enchanting scene,
A 3D window to a world unseen.

Let the King and Queen mice reign supreme,
In their fantastical realm, a magical dream.
Their royal attire, exquisite and grand,
Creates a captivating sight, all across the land.

  1. Super easy to apply - simply peel and stick
  2. Great for walls, windows, virtually any flat surface
  3. Made of removable vinyl with a matte finish
  4. Will work on lightly textured surfaces
  5. Can be used indoors and outdoors
  6. Repositionable, removable & mess-free
  7. Printed with GreenGuard Certified inks for low VOC
  8. Superb in quality and design

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