My Wonderful Walls Helps Make Multiple Wall Murals a Possibility

by Tara Woodbury on December 06, 2013
Family with Flowering Tree Wall Murals

If you have several rooms you want to redecorate, you may think wall murals are not the way to go. Visions of night after night of painting might be making you cringe right now (we caught you cringing didn’t we?) But if we told you that you could create fabulous wall murals in every room in your home in a few hours or less using our high quality fabric wall stickers, would you be interested? One family in WI surely was! 

The Landon family has two girls, ages 6 and 4 and a son age 3 for whom mom and dad wanted to create something special. Edward and Melissa Landon knew that with their busy work schedules and family commitments it would be a challenge.  They happen to have a connection to My Wonderful Walls as Edward is Michael's cousin. And if you're wondering how Stephanie and the kids ended up in some of these pictures, no we don't visit every customer's home. These pictures were snapped when the Goins family visited the Landon family for Thanksgiving! (But if you're in the Chattanooga area you never know. Just invite us!)

Melissa talked to Stephanie and decided wall stickers were the way to go and decided to give My Wonderful Walls a try first purchasing two large flowering tree stickers. A pink flowering tree sticker for Alexis (age 6) and a purple tree sticker with flowers for Haylee (age 4) were picked not by mom and dad but the girls themselves to go in the pink and purple bedroom they share. If you look at the close-up image of the flowers below, you can see the texture of these wall stickers and how lifelike they look.

Kids Wall MuralsSon, Lee (age 3), had a great time checking out the pictures of all the “boyish” wall stickers and got super excited when he saw a pirate theme. They chose the steampunk pirate wall stickers for his bedroom and added a personalized sign with his name on it. When the canister with the wall stickers arrived, the kids couldn’t wait to open it and get started. The Landon family soon discovered that creating a mural with My Wonderful Walls is not only pretty easy but a lot of fun.  The kids just had to help and had a great time deciding what sticker went where. Melissa tells us that she was happy to be able to make the kids’ rooms look amazing while still spending quality time together as a family, something she says that would not be possible without My Wonderful Walls wall stickers. The fact that everything was thought of for the purchaser but there was still enough freedom to personalize the mural was something Melissa and Edward really appreciated.

Next it was on to the bathroom where they added a Wise Owl Wall Sticker which gave it just a pop of color on an otherwise blah wall. But the Landons were having too much fun to stop now. They tackled the kids’ playroom next where they wanted to add something fun to help create a reading area. Our Night Owl Wall Stickers were the perfect fit for their reading nook. And they are working on two more rooms, one with a Classic Oak Family Tree Sticker and one with a Serenity Blossom Dahlia Wall Sticker. We can’t wait to see how those rooms turn out! 

Melissa’s advice to anyone working with My Wonderful Walls wall decals is to have fun and remember there is no right way or wrong way. We think that's pretty wonderful advice. Our wall mural products were designed with that in mind! Whether you're an artist or can barely draw a stick figure, we want you to be able to create something wonderful in your home. If you have a unique story to share about creating your My Wonderful Walls mural, we'd love to hear it. Maybe we can feature your family here next.

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