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Unique Uses For Wall Stencils 0

When you use a wall stencil to transform your walls, you may wonder if there are any other ways to utilize this product for future uses. The good news is there are tons of unique uses for wall stencils to help you get the most out them! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use stencils on areas other than walls.

1. Furniture

One of the more obvious of the unique uses for wall stencils is to add a lovely pattern to a favorite piece of furniture. Whether looking to add some raised texture to a coffee table with a metallic paint and a perfectly patterned stencil, or add a touch of vintage charm to an old dresser with branches outstretched and birds on the limbs, there are tons of creative ways to use your favorite wall stencils to transform drab furniture into something a bit more stylish and to your liking.

2. Ceilings and floors

Wall stencils aren’t just for walls! While a perfectly placed stencil on the wall is a great way to attract attention to any space, you can also place a pattern on the ceiling or floor for a different approach to this popular style choice. While you may be able to use the same paint for the ceiling as you would normally use for the wall, you may need to look into a paint made specifically for flooring to ensure durability and longevity of your new creation.

3. Pillows and bedding

Another way to use wall stencils to create something unique is to add some art to pillows and bedding. Again, you will want to look into an appropriate paint option, such as fabric paint which won’t come off in the wash, to ensure you use the right solution for not only the surface of the material but also the care instructions over time. This allows you to transform boring designs into some that are truly one of a kind for your home.

4. Mailboxes

Who says all the unique uses for wall stencils have to stay inside the home? Dress up your mailbox with some cute stencil work to add much-needed curb appeal. Whether you choose to do something whimsical like the outline of a pineapple for a vibrant choice perfect for tropical settings, an intricate pattern for a modern appeal, or a puppy paws outline to show your love of your four-legged family member, stenciling a mailbox is an easy way to add some charm.

5. Artwork

Of course, there is nothing that says you can’t use wall stencils to make your very own artwork! From adding accent borders to an already existing canvas of work to a stencil of a butterfly colored in your favorite colors, stencils can be a useful tool in the creation of art. When you want to experiment with patterns and colors on a smaller surface without taking up the entire wall, working on canvas is a great alternative which still allows you to hang the art on the wall when completed.

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DIY Halloween Party 0

There are few holidays as exciting and unique as Halloween. When witches and goblins come out to play, throwing a Halloween party can be a great time for the entire family. Of course, to make sure the party is a hit with living and undead alike, everything from the menu to the decorations has to be perfect. Here are a few ideas for hosting a fun, spooky DIY Halloween party.

1. Focus on Small Details

When people start looking for Halloween party ideas, they tend to go a little overboard and try to make an intense 8-foot-tall mummy, an intricate fog and light show, or some other over the top wow factor for their guests. However, when you focus on the smaller details, the overall effect of the party is just as impressive without going overboard. Here are some of our favorite party details.

• Make spider ice cubes!

This easy project can add a lot of spooky, creepy crawly vibes to your get together. You can even add a black sugar rim to the glass for added appeal. Find out more here,

• Add spooky spirits!

Another easy way to add some spookiness, this quick craft project from Martha Stewart uses Styrofoam heads, cheesecloth, and other basic crafting supplies. Imagine your guests being greeted by these creepy heads hanging in the entryway! Whether you prop them in the corner by the food table for a creepy-being-watched-vibe or place them so the cloth hangs down while people walk beneath them, these are fun party details sure to bring some scares. Find out how here,

• Create a cool and creepy way to keep drinks cold!

When looking to keep punch cool for your guests don’t go with plain, boring ice cubes. The floating hand is a classic move every party should have! Not only is it spooky, but it is also functional! See how to make this super easy party detail here,

• Use interesting party favor solutions!

If you are sending guests home with goodies, don’t resort to basic store-bought goody bags. A fun way to show attention to every detail is to try something different with this part of party planning. A popular option is to dress the goodies up as a mummy with eyes peeking through for a spooky detail. See for yourself here,

2. Choose a Theme

While you can just throw together a bunch of different elements and call it a hodgepodge effect, having a unified theme is a great way to impress your guests and create a spooky environment for guests of all ages. From classic horror figures to the hunt for brains, there are tons of ideas for a theme.

• Retro Monster Mash

If you love the classic movie monsters of the 50’s and 60’s, this is a fun way to bring those old movies to life. Embracing spooks of the past is also family friendly so the whole family will love it! From the Bride of Frankenstein to the Wolfman, there are lots of fun ways to throw a retro monster mash. Here are a few tips,

• Harry Potter

There is no denying that Harry Potter is one of the most popular themes for a Halloween party. When you want to bring the Wizarding World to life in your own home, there are several easy ways to pull this feat off. With a little bit of magic and planning, you can easily bring your guests to Hogwarts for Halloween! Here are some great tips on throwing this theme,

• Zombie Bash

For a creepy way to embrace the gore and fright of the holiday, you simply can’t beat zombies. With this theme, you can go as gory as you want with fake blood galore, or you can tone it down to keep it scary yet family friendly for children. Here are a few ways to awaken the undead for your party,

• Happy Pumpkins

When you want something a little more on the happy side of ghoulish delight, a pumpkin party theme is perfect! Age appropriate and easy to pull off, a pumpkin party can easily include festive activities such as pumpkin carving contests, roasting seeds, and other fun games that are great for all ages. Here are a few ideas for this happy fall favorite,

• Haunted Mansion

For those unafraid of the things that go bump in the night, a haunted mansion is the perfect way to bring some spookiness to the party. Best of all, cobwebs are encouraged for this theme so skip dusting in September! All kidding aside, a haunted mansion theme is the right mix of terror and delight. Here are a few ways to bring this theme to life for your ghoulish house guests,

3. Plan the Menu

If you are throwing a DIY Halloween party, don’t neglect the importance of a well-planned menu! If you go through all the trouble of carefully decorating for a haunting get together, but throw together some run of the mill appetizers or treats, you are missing out on a chance to impress your guests.

One of the best Halloween party ideas is to create the menu as a whole and connect it to your theme. For example, if you are throwing a Harry Potter themed Halloween party, all of the food from the drinks and appetizers to the dessert should be connected to the items from that world. Throwing a witch’s bash? Consider menu items such as witches fingers, bubbling brew punch, wicked witch cupcakes, or other menu items keeping with the overall theme. Here are a few great menu plans from Martha Stewart to help you get started on this part of party planning,

4. Don’t Forget the Costumes!

While you probably put a lot of effort into finding the perfect Halloween costume for your little goblins, you might just throw on a pumpkin t-shirt at the last minute with all the hustle and bustle. Remember what it was like when you were a little kid and put on your Halloween costume at the beginning of the big night? Remember looking forward to that moment all day long? Bring that feeling of excitement back to life this year!

The best way to choose a costume is to connect it to your theme. Throwing a zombie party? Consider dressing up as a new twist on zombies such as a mama bear zombie, redneck zombie, or vegetarian zombie for laughs. The key is to make sure your costume goes well with the overall theme of the party and then put your own unique stamp on it. Another great way to pick a costume is to do a family or group costume. Here are some examples of themed costumes for the entire gang,

Planning any type of party is a lot of work. With Halloween, the possibilities are truly endless! Whether you choose a more adult theme or a family friendly one, these tips and resources can help you plan the perfectly haunted soirée for your gang of ghouls and goblins!

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From Zig-Zags to Hearts: How to Easily Stencil an Accent Wall 0

heart stencils

Today we have a guest blogger, Ash from Just Measuring Up who along with his wife Eileen are a dynamic team of home improvement and DIY bloggers. Read on to see what he has to say about working with our Hearts Stencils.


Have you ever see a gorgeous accent wall and wished you were able to replicate it?

Well, I have some good news for you! With the right stencil and perfect paint color, it’s super easy to create a stunning accent wall in your home. No artistic ability necessary.

Eileen found a heart stencil pattern from My Wonderful Walls that she fell in love with, knowing it would be perfect in our nursery.

The current pattern on the wall (from the original homeowners) was begging for an update. There were two black zig-zags with colorful squares between them that Eileen and I wished we had painted over before moving in.


Zig Zag Stencils


And, here’s a picture of the gorgeous after:

Nursery Mural

 It’s like night and day!

How to Paint a Heart Stencil Wall

We usually just paint walls a standard color, so we were looking forward to having a little more fun with this wall.

To begin, I had to first start with a blank slate.  This meant removing the current pattern.  I used a high-quality white paint from Benjamin Moore and applied two coats to cover the pattern.  I was hoping one coat would do the trick, but the pattern was still visible, so two coats were needed.

I did have to use my orbital sander a few times though.  Some areas on the original pattern were causing visible ridges. It was a hand-painted pattern and had a lot of paint build-up on the edges of the zig-zag.   I thought the white paint would cover and hide it, but I was not that happy with the result.  So I just used the sander to make a few areas more smooth, and re-applied the paint.

Soon the wall was a blank white canvas, begging for some pink hearts.  I read the instructions for using the Wonderful Walls template and watched their video tutorials on their website.  The process was very straight forward.

Materials for the Heart Accent Wall:

  • Heart stencil template from My Wonderful Walls
  • Quart of thick, high-quality pink paint
  • Chalk paint/stencil brush
  • Paper towels
  • Sheets to protect your floor from paint
  • Hair dryer

Here’s a picture showing my setup:

DIY Mural Painting

Yes, that was a hair dryer you saw on the list.  I should have told Eileen I borrowed hers for this project.  She was confused on why I had borrowed it. It came in handy to speed up the drying process for the templates.

So, the template was sticky on one side and adhered very well to the wall.  I started on one corner of the wall with the template attached, and started painting on hearts.  I did my research ahead of time to know that some of the best results come from using chalk paint/stencil brushes.  Luckily Eileen had one lying around that she used in a recent chalk paint furniture redo project.


How to Use a Stippling TechniqueWith these types of brushes, a stippling technique would work best to apply the paint (where you gently pat the wall with the brush repeatedly until the heart was filled in with paint, much like a woodpecker motion - pat pat pat pat).

The key to forming a sharp heart pattern with the template was to use a minimal amount of paint.  Too much paint would bleed under the stencil and create wavy edges on the hearts.  I had a few hearts like these until I perfected my stippling technique with the right amount of paint. 

To prevent too much paint on the brush, I just tapped the brush against some paper towels after each dip.  Then I was start stippling the hearts.  On average, I filled in around 3 hearts at a time before having to re-dip the brush.

Once all eight hearts on the template were filled in with paint, I tapped the brush on the four registration mark holes on the corners of the template.  These left small pink circles on the wall that helped me with placement of the template as I made progress along the wall. 

The registration marks were critical in getting a consistent distribution of hearts.  The marks were only temporary though.  A quick dab of the original white paint would remove them once all the hearts were applied.

After I finished each section, I used the hair dryer on a low speed / high heat setting to speed up the drying of the paint.  I needed the paint dry before I could remove the template and reposition for another section. 

Stenciling a Wall

About 10 seconds per heart with the hair dryer seemed sufficient to remove the template cleanly.

Here’s a picture of the wall after I finished my first section (the template is on the bottom):

Heart Stencil Pattern

The hearts were looking really good.  It was just a matter of time now before the whole wall was hearted.

Here’s a close-up of some of the hearts:

Pink Heart Mural


Here I am half way through, caught with Eileen’s blow dryer:

DIY Nursery Mural

After about two hours, here is the completed wall:

Nursery Decor

Eileen and I loved the way it turned out. We loved the quality of the heart stencil, which didn’t surprise us because we also loved the wall stickers from My Wonderful Walls, which we used in our son’s room.

The heart stencils are simply perfect for a little girl’s nursery. They would also look awesome in a craft room.

Aside from priming the wall from the previous pattern, the stencil took just an afternoon of work.

Overall, the accent wall was completed in a weekend, and Eileen and I were kicking ourselves that it took us so long to rid the nursery of the previous pattern.

Finished Nursery Mural

Of course, here’s our dog Zeus, making himself comfortable in our updated nursery.

Funny Dog Picture

Who doesn’t love those hearts?! What a difference from the zig-zags! 



Ash is a DIY blogger who, along with his wife Eileen, inspires others to embark on their own do-it-yourself projects through sharing their tutorials, tips, and ideas. Subscribe to their newsletter for DIY inspiration.

DIY Birthday Party Ideas For Any Age 0

Princess Birthday BannerBirthday party planning can be somewhat stressful, especially when the birthday child has very definite theme ideas or no idea at all! Don’t worry! We have rounded up some easy ideas for you to add your child's own personal style to the day and make their party stand out from the rest. You’ll also get bragging rights when everyone at the party wants to know where you got the cool birthday swag.  Best part is, these simple DIY party ideas won’t break the bank. 

Whether you're looking to create a Princess Party, Mad Science Party, Dinosaur Themed Party, Train Birthday Party or a Fun Tween Slumber Party, you can get some inspiration right here. Some of these ideas are even great for after the party as well!


Perfect Princess Party

There’s only one princess in your house and she deserves a fairy tale perfect party.  Give her the royal treatment with this DIY Lace Crown instead of buying a party store plastic and bead crown. She’ll look extra special and you’ll be her hero. You can even create extras for the party goers.   

DIY Lace Crown

If your princess would rather throw a baseball than a royal ball, bake this Couture Princess Sneaker Cake and score a home run. This recipe provided from is easily made with store-bought ingredients. Not only does it look adorable, it will be made with love. 

Dino-Mite Party 

When dinosaurs are your kiddo’s favorite thing, you throw them a dinosaur themed birthday party. Instead of spending a fortune on goodies and games, how about making your own like this Dinosaur Fossil Activity fun for girls and boys! Danielle at A Crafty Spoonful shows you how to get ready for a prehistoric good time. 

DIY Dinosaur Fossils

Add a fun DIY Dino Tee for the birthday guest of honor and they’ll be roaring with delight. Check out this no sew idea from Melissa at Sippy Cup Mom. How fun would this be for Halloween too! 

No Sew Dinosaur Shirt

Blind them With Science

If your kiddo is a fan of weird science, check out this Elephant Toothpaste Experiment idea from Come Together Kids. You just can’t have a cool science themed party without the kids doing some experiments, right?

Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

The other ingredient that is a must for any fun party is a cool cake. How about this beautiful (yet scientific!) Surprise Cake for your future Madame Curie? You could easily change the colors on this if your birthday child is not a fan of pink and purple. 

8-Layer Surprise Cake

Train Lovers Party 

When it’s all about the engines and caboose, you know your son or daughter wants a train themed birthday party. If you’re looking for something different to entertain your guests try our Train Track Decal Set and some play trains! Perfect for walls but even great on the floor so little engineers can play pretend for hours on end.  (Thanks to customer Bill W for the pic.)

Train Track Decal

Don’t let the fun stop indoors! Head out to the back yard for an “InTraining” Obstacle Course like Kristen at Celebrate Every Day with me came up with for her five-year old’s birthday party. You don’t have to follow her ideas exactly but this should give your mind chugging along with inspiration.


Craft a Great Birthday 

If your child or tween is looking for less of a themed party and more of a fun slumber party, she may be asking for a craft to do with her friends. Try this DIY Dreamcatcher idea from Art Bar Blog and make sure each guest goes home with something they made themselves.  



Teens may be “too cool” for crafts and party games but one thing most love is taking selfies with their friends. Give your teen girl a beautiful backdrop for her pics with these easy to make DIY Rosettes. These are also perfect for a bridal or baby shower! 

DIY Party Backdrop


Whatever type of party you are planning this year, you can make it extra special with a little creativity and time. Let us know in the comments below what you'll be whipping up for your next party. 

Top Ideas to Decorate With Tree Branches and More! 0

If you love nature and want to bring a rustic feel to your home, you can easily create some DIY Tree Branch Projects in any room. Upcycling tree branches that would otherwise end up as kindling or wood chips is not only earth friendly but stylish. Whether you are working on a kid's room or your own space, decorating with tree branches and logs can bring the outside in and make your guests ooh and ahh! Here are just a few ideas we love:

Branch Chandelier

Tree Branch Chandelier
Don’t fret when a storm knocks down those big branches! Turn them into something beautiful like this illuminating chandelier from Magdelena at Mama is Dreaming!

Birch Branch Placemat

Birch Tree Placemats
Have a birch tree that needs a little pruning? You can turn those cut branches into a unique place mat as shown by Lucy in this post.

DIY Log Vase

DIY Log Vase
Create a rustic vase or candle holder with a few simple steps and logs from your back yard. Britt from Hello Honey shows you how easy it is to create this natural décor.

Tree Branch Seed Stakes

Branch Seed Stakes
Following the idea of waste not, want not you can create fun seed stakes from the multitudes of branches you’ve collected through the winter and spring storms. Susan at Home Road shows you how.

Toy Tree House Idea

Toy Tree House
Get the kids in on all the fun with a fabulous toy tree house made from branches and wood cutting boards. You can get super creative with this idea from Alex at Northstory. 


Looking for more ways to bring trees into your decorating? Whether it’s a nursery, child’s bedroom, living room or your own bedroom My Wonderful Walls has beautiful tree stencils and wall stickers to create everything from a garden mural to a family tree! Check out our newest Breezy Tree and Birds Wall Decal for a natural looking tree with white birds and leaves. Or go for our super popular, colorful Birds and Tree Branch Wall Decals. You can also paint trees on your home furnishings with our easy to use stencils for a fun forest inspired room. Let us know if we can help you find the perfect tree design for your space and if you try any of these tree branch projects, comment below!


Birds and Tree Branch Kitchen Wall Decal

Birds and Tree Branch Wall Decals in Paula's kitchen (above) and Annette's bathroom. 

Birds and Tree Branch Bathroom Wall Decals

Classic Oak Family Tree Wall Sticker in Jenna's living room.

Family Tree Wall Sticker

Decorating with Elephants 0

Colorful ElephantThe elephant is widely considered a symbol of good luck and good fortune. If you look all the way back to ancient times, elephants take on an even more significant role in several cultures and religions. The white elephant is even said to be an incarnation of the gods in some cultures. Elephants can also be a symbol of wisdom and strength. It’s no wonder we find elephants in so many forms of art, literature and home décor. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with good luck and wisdom? If you love this amazing animal as much as we do here at My Wonderful Walls, you can easily add some elephant décor to your home. We have several products to help you show off your love of the giant mammal. And if you want to bring your elephant obsession to more than just your walls, we have a few ideas below to help you add some fun elephants in any interior decorating scheme you choose. 

Start with the walls

We have several different elephant wall decal options to choose from as well as an amazing elephant in our Jungle Safari Wall Stencil Kit if you’re decorating a nursery or child’s room. Two of our newest elephant decals are the Colorful Elephant Wall Decal and Black and Grey Elephant. Both feature an intricate floral design and are available in 4 great sizes up to 39.5” w x 48.7”h for a big impact!


Black and Grey Elephant Decal

You can also add a fun DIY Elephant Key Hook to your wall with this easy to follow idea from Creative Soul Spectrum. Though cutting off the lower body of the elephant may not sit well with some, you’ll have a super cheery key rack when you’re done.

Elephant Key Holder


Create your own Elephant String Art with this tutorial from Erin Spain. You can easily add this to a nursery or use at a baby shower for some unique décor. And once you’ve got the elephant down, you can adapt this to any animal or design you want. 

DIY Elephant String Art

Make your elephants rock

If you’re good with a paint brush and have some time, check out this video on painting a beautiful elephant on a rock. The video was intended for those wanting to make money with their rock painting, but you can just follow along and create your own for fun. 


An elephant to cuddle

Sock ElephantsPrefer something a little softer than a painted rock? How about a sock elephant you can sew yourself with these instructions and free pattern from Craft Passion? These are great for kids and in nurseries but let’s face it, sometimes even us grown-ups want something cute to cuddle. 

But if you can’t or won’t sew, here’s an easy No Sew Elephant Pillow you can make with the kids. You’ll be able to print PDFs to trace the elephant on to your fabric so there's very little artistic skill required.

An outdoor elephant

Want to add an elephant to your yard or garden? Try making a Clay Pot Elephant (scroll down). There’s even ideas for other jungle animals you can create and have a full safari in your back yard! 

Clay pot elephant

Party elephant

Throwing an elephant themed baby shower or gifting a basket to a friend who’s expecting and loves elephants? Create these super cute elephants from baby washcloths and you’re sure to get a big thank you. 

Baby Washcloth Elephants


 If that’s still not enough elephants for you, check out our throw pillows and blankets with elephant designs and add a few extra touches to any elephant themed room! However you choose to incorporate elephants into your decor, they are sure to add the promise of good fortune and wisdom.