Transportation Wall Decals Help Imagination Take Off in Washington State

by Tara Woodbury on December 10, 2013

 Transportation Wall Stickers for Kids

We love to hear stories from customers about how their kiddos are inspired by their new wall murals to create original stories and play for hours on end. Our wall stickers and wall stencils were created with the hopes that imagination would be ignited in each of the minds of the children who are surrounded by them. When Anna in Mercer Island, Washington wrote to us to tell us about her son Max and his new transportation themed bedroom we were pleased to hear that his new room is much more than a place to sleep.

My Wonderful Walls: Who is the wall mural you created for?
Anna: Max, age 3

MWW: Tell us what made you choose the Transportation Themed Wall Stickers? Why stickers over stencils?
Anna:  My son loves cars, planes, and trains.  He loves his room mural and has made up stories about each of the vehicles on his wall. These stickers are beautiful and are much better looking than anything I could have stenciled on myself.  These had a great texture. Other stickers that I have used have had a strong chemical smell and felt cheap and "plasticy".

MWW:  Describe your artistic comfort level?
Anna:  On a scale of 1-10, a 4

MWW: Did your child help with the mural making? How long did the mural take you?
Anna: No we set up his room as a surprise for him. It took about one day with painting.

MWW:  What was your child's reaction to the wall mural when s/he first saw it?
Anna: He loved it!

MWW:  Did you add any personal touches to the mural you received?
Anna:  We painted the walls and ceiling (hills and sky).

MWW: Do you or your kids ever make up stories or create imaginary games involving the characters/scenes on their walls?
Anna:  Yes!  Max is in each story with his family, and most stories involve him getting to drive the vehicle or help operate the vehicle.  He loves to hear and tell these stories! 

MWW:  Tell us a little about your experience with the product and with the My Wonderful Walls folks in general.
Anna:  The Wonderful Walls team was awesome, super responsive when I had an issue with my stickers and resolved it right away. 

MWW:  If you could change one thing about the decorating process, what would it be?
Anna:  I would have someone else paint for me!

MWW:  What else would you like us to know about you and your family?
Anna:  I love decorating and pulling together a room, especially my kids rooms!  I work in sports retail and so decorating is my creative outlet.  This room was for my oldest and I also have an 8 month baby girl - can't wait to decorate her "big girl room" in a few years!

We can’t wait either Anna, hope you’ll be coming back for her big girl room! Thanks for sharing with our readers about your experience using our Transportation Wall Stickers.

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