Boys Car Themed Bedroom Stands the Test of Time

by Michael Goins on March 21, 2014

Plane and Train Wall Stencils

We often get notes from customers who tell us how they have been able to create a kids room mural with our wall stencils for one child and then use it for a second child as well. In this case, we heard from Kate and Ted in Frankfort, IL who created a car and train themed bedroom for Evan at age 2 ½ while expecting their second son, Logan. Now that Evan is 5 he is ready for a new room and Logan gets to enjoy the transportation themed mural mom and dad created.  Here’s what they had to say about using our wall stencils and the mural they created. 

My Wonderful Walls: What product did you purchase?

Kate: The Transportation Fascination mural (stencils) and paint kit 

MWW: Whom was the room intended for?

Kate: This was originally intended to be our son Evan's "big boy room" at age 2 1/2. I was pregnant with our second son and Evan was moving out of nursery in preparation for our new arrival. Evan is now 5 years old and ready for yet another room. His little brother Logan, a little over 2 years old is excited to be inheriting this bedroom.

MWW:  Tell us a little about why you choose this theme.

Kate:  Evan was (and still is) obsessed with trains and cars. We loved the bright colors and how fun this theme would be for him. Luckily, his little brother Logan is also a train and car fanatic!

MWW:  What was your child's reaction to the wall mural when he first saw it?

Kate:  It was truly the sweetest thing. A little background, Evan was a little speech delayed and was just about ready to start therapy. My husband and I thought he would really like the room when it was finished but were totally unprepared for his reaction. My mom brought him in and his eyes lit up and he looked at each wall telling us what he saw. "Balloon! Plane! Train! Train! Train! Rocket Ship!" He saw the name banner and proudly spelled out "E-V-A-N!" Then he goes on to say "It's beautiful! I love it!" (clearly he picked that one up from one of the adults, lol). I would have never imagined he would have reacted like that- otherwise I would have had a camera ready! My mother and I were just remembering his reaction the other day as I was discussing his new room. It really was very memorable.

MWW:  How long did it take you to complete the project?

Kate:  Not including the wall paint itself, I think it was 4 hours

MWW:  Describe your artistic comfort level.

Kate:  My husband was an art major before he was in IT, but I will go ahead and say I was the better stenciler since I watched the how-to videos. And I'm not really artistic at all!

MWW:  What did you enjoy about the wall mural creation experience? Was it what you had expected?

Kate:  It was actually really fun once we got the hang of it. It was also a lot easier and did not take as long as I thought- and I was 7 months pregnant at the time!

Rocket Ship Wall StencilMWW:  Do you have a favorite piece or favorite scene you created? If so, please describe.

Kate:  I've always loved the train running along toward the bridge scene. That and "my" rocket ship really stand out for me.

MWW:  How did you create the personalized name banner?

Kate:  I did his name with the technique that was on your website (basically printed out letters from MS Word, shaded the back with white chalk and then impressed the outline of the letter in chalk with a pen or pencil. Then I just carefully filled in with white paint and a small paintbrush). Super easy, and I did it when I was very pregnant. (Note: we now have a personalized version of this stencil kit which will save you a little time but you can check out our video tutorial here to learn how to create your own wall lettering.)

MWW:  Do you have any helpful tips for people who use our products?

Kate:  Watch the video tutorials. It really made it so so easy! I was very comfortable after about the 1st stencil.

MWW:  What else would you like to tell us about yourselves?

Kate:  We moonlight as wild animal trainers, or at least it feels that way being parents to two young and busy boys.


Well we understand that feeling here alright! Thanks Kate, for sharing a little bit about your experience with using the transportation themed wall stencils and your family.  We hope that if our readers have a train and car loving child at home who needs a new room you are inspired to start your mural project today!

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