Transportation Fascination Wall Mural Stencil Kit - Trains, Planes, Cars for Boys Room

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$104.99 USD
  • 32 individual car and truck wall mural stencils 
  • coordinating paint kit SOLD SEPARATELY --> VIEW
  • personalize the airplane banner with a custom name stencil
  • paint your own transportation themed wall mural in your baby nursery or kids room
  • no artistic skill required
  • self-adhesive feature makes stenciling a cinch  
  • fun and easy to do

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Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Is your little boy fascinated with trains, planes and automobiles? Then buckle your seatbelts, because there is no beating our transportation wall art. Your child’s mind will be buzzing with the space you can create. Have a plane pull a banner with his name. Launch a rocket to the stars. Wind a five-foot train through rolling hills and over a large bridge. Speed a car down the road with our car stencils for walls. It will be easy to get transported to another place with this captivating transportation wall art!

The personalized version of this contain includes a custom name stencil for the airplane banner. If you choose to personalize, in the field above please write the exact text you'd like for the stencil. It could be a first name, last name, birth date, etc. 

Attention International Customers:  Please note that we do not ship paints outside the U.S. unless an additional shipping fee is assessed (which is typically an extra $25-$35). If interested, please contact us.

Note:Latex paint for background is not included in paint kit. For your convenience these are the colors used in the same photo:
Sky: A54-3 Spring Waterfall, Olympic, Lowe’s
Grass in background: B67-5 Grassy Meadow, Olympic, Lowe's
Grass in foreground: B67-4, Hearty Hosta, Olympic, Lowe's

Creative decorating ideas for your baby boy nursery or room, using the "Transportation Fascination" Stencil Kit:

Let the furniture work with you: Don't limit yourself to painting from the floor up. You can raise the wall decor up by utilizing the existing furniture in your nursery or boy's room. Zoom a sporty motorcycle across the wall on top of the dresser. Whoosh an airplane over the bookshelves. Build a bustling city above the nightstand. Chug our charming choo choo train at the head of the bed or crib. The possibilities are endless!

Stencil the ceiling: Our planes, clouds, blimps, helicopters, kites, rockets and hot air balloons are not afraid of heights, so why should you be? Go above and beyond the walls of your kid's room or nursery and paint on the ceiling. This should be easy as so many of the stencils in this transportation theme stencil set defy gravity. Have fun, and don't forget to fasten your seatbelts!

Create depth and elevate: One way to give that extra punch to your baby boy's room design is by painting rolling hills or a green grassy field before beginning to stencil. This will provide depth to the scene and elevate the stencils at the same time. With the help of a roll brush, you can easily create a grassy knoll behind where a cluster of trees is soon to be. Or paint a field in the distance behind where the cityscape will be stenciled. It is an added step, but you'll be amazed at the flexibility this idea can provide.

Adorn the stencils: At your local craft store you can find simple materials you can use to adorn our stencils. Add texture by gluing fuzzy white felt to clouds or the steam from the choo choo train. Give the hot air balloon or motorcycle a little extra sparkle with the help of brightly colored sequins. Use miniature circular mirrors for the wheels of the fire truck. Create a cobblestone road for your car to ride along by using glass rocks. Or for a nighttime surprise, coat the stars with glow-in-the-dark paint. Your child may even delight in helping you with these fun and simple embellishments. (Make sure all materials are securely affixed to the wall and will not pose a choking hazard.)

Accessorize with your child's toys: Chances are that your little boy has quite the collection of trains, planes and toy cars. Gather up his theme related toys and select a few to accessorize his space. Glue several matchbox cars around the base of a lamp. Hang a toy airplane or kite from the ceiling. Create a mobile out of matchbox cars. Affix a train track to top of the nightstand or dresser. Be creative, but don't forget to ask his permission first!

Stencil on fabric: Use fabric paints to stencil our transporation designs directly onto curtains, rugs, pillowcases, comforters, lampshades, canvas storage boxes, rugs and more. Turn a plain blue curtain into a beautiful sky full of clouds. Fly a helicopter around a simple lampshade. Launch a rocket onto a solid-colored pillowcase. Remember that there is no limit to what or where you can stencil!

Stencil onto furniture and bedroom accessories: Use our designs to give character to more than just the walls. Try stenciling on dressers, headboards, side tables, wastebaskets, wall hooks, step-stools, coat racks, wooden crates, hat boxes, bookends, toy chests, etc. With a minimal amount of work, you can turn that drab nightstand or nicked up toy chest into a Transportation Fascination showpiece!

Make a decorative bed rail cubby: Does your child ever fall out of the bed? If so, you can provide both safety and create a private cubby at the same time. Put the bed in a corner of the room and secure a three or four-foot-wide plywood sheet to the floor, wall and ceiling of the open side of the bed (pre-painted with base color). Take advantage of all the new surface area you have created in your kid's bedroom and make it home to a towering traffic light or launch a rocket ship through the twinkling stars.

Utilize colorful drawer pulls: Want to revamp your child's dresser easily and inexpensively? Just pick up some basic wooden drawer pulls from your local hardware store and paint them with coordinating colors. In no time at all you'll have given that old dresser an adorable make-over, and you'll see how simple and reasonably priced child bedroom decorating can be.

Provide a writable surface: Now available at your craft or hardware store are special paints that convert surfaces into usable chalkboards or dry-erase boards. Allow your boy to explore his artistic side by making a large writing surface on the wall. First, create an ample drawing surface for your child, and then give it character by constructing a city along the top or driving a car up the side.

Magnetize the stencils: Do all those alphabet magnets on your refrigerator need a new home? Look for magnetic paint at your craft or hardware store. Use this paint, instead of regular paint, and easily turn a traffic light or blimp into a magnetic surface. See how limitless and stimulating kid wall décor can be?!

Stencils Included:
hot air balloon wall stencil 1 (12.5”w x 17”h) - hot air ball wall stencil 2 (8”w x 11.5”h) - blimp wall stencil (17”w x 12”h) - rocket ship wall stencil (10”w x 19.5”h) - star wall stencil 1 (3”w x3”h) - star wall stencil 2 (1.5”w x 1.5”h) - tree wall stencil 1 (3.5”w x 13”h) - tree wall stencil 2 (9”w x 14”h) - fire truck wall stencil (15”w x 7.5”h) - fire truck ladder wall stencil (3.5”w x 22.5”h) - bridge wall stencil (31.5w x 12.5”h) - helicopter wall stencil (19”w x 9.5”h) - airplane wall stencil 1 (14”w x 12.5”h) - airplane wall stencil 2 (17”w x 10.5”h) - airliner wall stencil (17.5”w x 8”h) - traffic light and pole wall stencil (8.5”w x 48.5”h) - city building wall stencil 1 (3”w x 11”h) - city building wall stencil 2 (2”w x 15.5”h) - city building wall stencil 3 (3”w x 8”h) - city building wall stencil 4 (3”w x 6”h) - city building wall stencil 5 (5”w x 10”h) - cloud wall stencil 1 (12.5”w x 8”h) - cloud wall stencil 2 (12.5”w x 5”h) - kite wall stencil (6”w x 15.5”h) - car wall stencil (13”w x 6”h) -motorcycle wall stencil (15”w x 7.5”h) - name banner for plane wall stencil (25.5”w x 8.5”h) - train engine wall stencil (11.5”w x 10.5”h) - train car wall stencil 1 (7.5”w x 4.5”h) - train car wall stencil 2 (11”w x 6”h) - train car wall stencil 3 (11”w x 4”h) - train caboose wall stencil (8.5”w x 8”h) -sailboat wall stencil (11.5”w x 13”h)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wall Decals / Wall Stickers

What’s the difference between wall decals, wall stickers, and vinyl stickers?
To us, there is no difference between a wall decal and a wall sticker. We use these terms interchangeably. All our decals/stickers are made from a low-tack fabric adhesive material that is repositionable, removable, and reusable. They stick well to walls, are easy-to apply and easy-to-clean. They are virtually impossible to mess up and leave no messy residue when you remove it from your walls. Great stuff! We do not work with vinyl (which is typically printed in one color and cumbersome to install).

Will the decals damage my walls?
No, no, and more no.

How easy are the stickers to put up?
Seriously easy. Just peel and stick. For the larger pieces, however, we do suggest grabbing a buddy for help.

Will the stickers work on my vehicle/exterior window?
Our decals are NOT waterproof and not intended for exterior surfaces. That said, many of our customers have had success using a polyurethane coating to protect them from nature’s elements. Also note that the back side is the sticky side, not the front side, so if you want them to be seen from the outside, you’ll need to place them on a protected exterior surface.

Will the stickers work on textured walls?
They work best on flat walls but, yes, unlike the cheap vinyl stickers, our stickers will stick to walls with a mild texture. If you have highly textured walls, you might need to reinforce the stick to ensure that they stay put on your walls. Fabric spray adhesive does the trick but know that using this would nullify he removable/reusable quality of our decals. We’d be happy to send you a sample so you can test it out for yourself. Please send sample requests to info@

Can I reposition/reuse the stickers?
Yes. That said, the more you move them, the less tacky they will become. If you want to move an entire mural from one place to another, return the stickers to their backing paper and store them in the original mailing tube. If you no longer have the original backing paper, you can purchase some smaller sheets of backing paper from us.

Wall Stencils
How many times can I use each stencil? Can I clean the stencils?
The stencils can be used efficiently approximately 6-8 times. Dried paint on the stencils can be lessened with baby wipes. To maximize a stencil’s use and keep it clean, when reusing a stencil, place it on the wall and press down with a paper towel. After continuous use, it will simply turn into a regular stencil and you can use painter’s tape to affix them to the surface you are painting. Alternatively, to recharge the adhesion, you can purchase stencil spray adhesive from any craft store.

Will the stencils work on textured walls?
The stencils work best on flat walls but can also be used on textured walls, though allow for touch-ups and additional time. With textured walls, it is important to use light coats, particularly around the edges of the stencil. Be sure you have background paint for touch-ups should you experience any paint bleeding. To test it out for yourself, feel free to request a small sample send from us at

Can I use the stencils on canvas, wood, fabric, or other flat surfaces?
Yes, the stencils will work on most flat surfaces. Keep in mind that the backside has an adhesive coating so it will pick up the debris from the painting surface.

What type of paint should I use for stenciling?
For stenciling, we recommend acrylic paints, conveniently available through our website. If you do purchase elsewhere, keep in mind that the cheaper the paint, the more watery it is. Watery paint will require additional coats and tends to bleed. Please note that we do not ship paints outside the U.S. unless an additional shipping fee is assessed (which is typically an additional $25-$35). If interested, please contact us to arrange for additional payment.

Is there a stencil for the hill? How do I paint the hills?
No, the hill is painted with a paint roller. It is actually very simple to do. Read this step-by-step post we did about it on our blog: How to Paint the Sky & Hills in the Background.

ColorMe Decals
What is a ColorMe Decal?
It is decal you can color and then use as decoration. Genius! ColorMe Decals stick to any flat surface including walls, windows, mirrors, doors, laptops, lockers and more. 

What’s the best media to use with the ColorMe Decals? Markers? Paints? Crayons? Watercolors? Other? 
We have tried a variety and have decided that we like markers (of any type – Crayola, Sharpies, Pentel, etc.) and liquid watercolors paints the best. You can also use crayons, colored pencils and watercolors, but the colors are less vibrant than with markers and acrylics.

Do the ColorMe Decals come with a color guide?
No, it does not come with a color guide. We want to encourage you to bring out the inner artist in you.

Do you sell markers and or paints for the ColorMe Decals?
No, not at this point in time.

Can you color them directly on the walls?
They work best colored while on the backing paper and then stuck to the walls after completion. You can, however, stick them to the walls before coloring, if you are okay with the occasional going-outside-the-line occurrence (for which the Magic Eraser does wonders).