Parents Create Butterfly Garden Mural for Free-Spirited Toddler

by Michael Goins on March 24, 2014
Butterfly Garden Wall Mural

Now that My Wonderful Walls offers the same wall stencils found in our stencil kits, a la carte, the possibilities are endless! So when mom, Amy in Annapolis, MD envisioned a fenced flower garden with butterflies dancing overhead but couldn’t find a wall mural that exactly met her vision, she was able to purchase our tulip stencil and butterfly stencil to create her own butterfly garden mural. We think the results were pretty wonderful!

Amy describes her daughter Samantha, age 2, as a ray of sunshine.  She told us, “Seriously she is the most upbeat person I have ever met, even for a toddler.  She has wild-curly hair and is such a free little spirit; I couldn't help but think of a fenced flower garden with a flock of dancing butterflies hovering overhead.” Amy found our products on Amazon and then came to our website at to shop. As far as her artistic ability, Amy says she is very much an amateur and is great at conceptualizing an idea but not always on carrying it out herself so this project made her a little nervous. Once she got started, however, practicing first on a piece of scrap drywall she enjoyed it. This busy mom of two says, “Taking paint to a wall seemed so permanent and fraught with potential for flaws, but even the minor flaws were easily covered or made the project look more ‘homemade.’  Or at least that is what I'm telling myself.” Honestly, we think the look is pretty accomplished!

Working over the course of a few days, Amy was able to complete the mural in about 12 hours. She used some different techniques for a fun effect in the mural. When the green she chose for the tulip branches was challenging to saturate, Amy started sweeping the sponge brush lightly up and down instead of going for complete saturation and it looked like it had the natural texture of a leaf. Amy also altered the direction of the butterfly stencil making it look like they were swooping up and down throughout the garden mural. Finally, Amy and her husband used a board and batten trim around the room to look like a fence.

Her son gave her the thumbs up on the room and was anxious to know when Amy would be finished and on to his room. Daughter, Samantha, was a little overwhelmed at first and ran out of the room to use the potty. But when she came back she began counting the butterflies and telling mom which ones were her favorites. Now she is really enjoying her room and especially the special sitting area Amy created so Samantha could enjoy some of her favorite books like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Mom loves that this area with its adirondack chair looks like her daughter is really sitting out in the garden surrounded by butterflies. Amy hopes that this room will serve Samantha well into her tween years and imagines that with the bumps and bruises a toddler can wreak on their bedroom, touching up a paint job will be a little easier than if she had used wall stickers

When asked if she had any helpful hints for others using our wall stencils, Amy said she found that when you reuse a stencil as many times as she did (25 times to be precise) the paint inevitably starts to build-up no matter how well you clean it.  She suggested that you dab lightly to fill around the border and then choose your technique to fill the center.

Amy also gave our customer service two thumbs up after a freak snow and ice storm here in the South delayed her package’s arrival, Stephanie was quick to reassure Amy and explain the situation. Making sure the wall stencils arrived was our top priority! 

Amy says she is a busy mom with a career who enjoys spending time in the evenings chilling out with her husband and two children. Having been able to create this room with her husband for Samantha was a pleasure and something she can take pride in for years to come. 


Butterfly Wall Stencils 


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