London Mom Creates Unique Princess Wall Mural

by Michael Goins on April 11, 2014

Princess Bedroom MuralIf you have a child who loves Disney Princesses, you can probably find lots of things to incorporate to decorate their princess room. But creating a unique wall mural for your little princess when you want something that will last for years and years can be a little more difficult. One mom in London created not just a mural but virtually an entire world of princesses using the Perfectly Princess Wall Mural Kit.

Mom, Danielle was looking to create a special bedroom for her little girl, age 3. She is a big fan of all things Disney Princess but mom wanted something classy and elegant for her little girl. Her goal was to give her little girl the room she never had as a child. Danielle found our princess wall stencils were a perfect solution as she could create several different princesses by using one stencil and adding in a few elements by freehand. Our wall stencils are self-adhesive and reusable, so you can use them to paint several times over. She created a Sleeping Beauty themed wall, a Beauty and the Beast themed wall and a Princess and the Frog themed wall all with our Perfectly Princess Wall Stencil Kit. She changed the hair for each princess, changed the water fountains, added a few elements here and there and played with the paint colors to make each themed wall unique. 

It took Danielle about three days to complete the room and when her daughter saw it, she loved it, running around to name all the princesses. Mom found the painting quite therapeutic and had nothing but good things to say about the customer service she received from My Wonderful Walls. She was pleasantly surprised how quickly she got the stencils considering the distance they had to travel. Her advice to anyone using our stencils for the first time is to check out the how to videos as she found them very helpful.  

We love how the room turned out and that Danielle was able to use our princess stencils to help her create something unique for her little girl. Here’s hoping that the princess room will bring joy to both of them for years to come.


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Blog post written by Tara