Analyst Mom Achieves Perfect Polka Dot Mural for Teen Bedroom

by Michael Goins on April 25, 2014

Polka Dot Wall Mural

If you are the parent of a tween or teen, you have probably heard at least once “that’s too babyish” or “that’s for little kids”. Here at My Wonderful Walls we try to offer wall mural designs that can take your child well through their teen years as well as designs for baby nurseries and toddlers. When Ashley, age 13, told mom Wendy she wanted to incorporate polka dots in her new “teen room” mom knew she was going to need a little assistance. Luckily, Wendy found our polka dot wall stencils and was able to create the perfect look for Ashley’s walls!

Wendy who is a tax analyst that likes to express her creative side by decorating her kids’ rooms was able to create the perfect room for her teen daughter Ashley with the help of our wall stencils. When Ashley told mom that she wanted larger circles on her walls, she knew she wouldn’t have the patience to draw them freehand. Ashley wanted the real deal with paint and felt wall stickers were for little kids. So Wendy set out on a search for stencils she could use and found our self-adhesive Polka Dot Stencil Kit

This Michigan mom tells us she has a “medium” level of artistic ability and is more comfortable with a well - planned picture and plenty of time to formulate a "plan of attack". She liked having the stencils to help her with this project which took about 3 weekends to complete. Wendy found that while the stencils do stick to the walls very well and are easy to remove, that after a while the stickiness does wear off. She recommends purchasing some spray adhesive if you are going to use the stencils over and over again or having more than one of each stencil. Generally our stencils will stay sticky for 6-12 uses and then you may need to use an adhesive stencil spray to recharge the stickiness or use them as regular stencils. 

Wendy said she loved seeing each circle turn out perfectly and when she saw the happy grin on Ashley’s face, she knew she had achieved the look Ashley had envisioned. We think this tax analyst by day, creative momma by night did an outstanding job on creating a fun teen bedroom mural! If you’d like to create a similar wall mural for your child or teen, check out our Polka Dot Wall Stencils with 12 circle stencils ready for you to add paint and your imagination. 


Polka Dot Stencils


Blog post written by Tara