Collage Artist Hollie Chastain Featured in New My Wonderful Walls Decals!

by Stephanie Goins on August 07, 2014


Hollie Chastain from Chattanooga, TN has always been interested in art. It’s no wonder she and the Goins became friendly and decided to work together to create these new collage art wall stickers. Having children in the same school and all loving the city of Chattanooga as well as art made the perfect pairing. Chattanooga is known for its beautiful landscape, great business opportunities and rich artistic culture and has been voted one of America’s best places to live. Hollie works and lives in the city with her husband and two children (Lilli, 12 and Jack, 14) plus various rescue pets.  Now you can see some of Hollie’s best collage art pieces in wall sticker form on the My Wonderful Walls site. Here’s a little bit about the artist:


My Wonderful Walls:  Were you always interested in art? When did it turn professional?

Hollie: I've definitely always been interested in art. I was always drawing and making as a child all the way through school. I started professionally in graphic design and did that for close to 5 years before in 2007 I decided to go back to analog. I can't stay away.

MWW:  Did you go to school to study art/graphic design?

Hollie:  Sort of. I split my time between math/business classes and art classes so while I got a very well-rounded curriculum, I didn't get into the deep art classes. I never really wanted the whole “art school” experience so it works for me.

MWW: What inspires your art?

Hollie: Sometimes I feel inspired by everything!  A shelf of random old junk in an antique shop where each item just seems to naturally fit with everything else as a whole, anthropomorphism, really brightly colored chipping paint on abandoned walls, I'm drawn to natural textures and patterns caused from aging in any context but there is nothing like opening the cover on a textbook from the early 1900s and seeing water damage and speckled mold spots and scribbles. Music is a huge inspiration for me. I constantly have something on the Ipod or stereo all the time especially when I’m working and live music, of course. I come back from a show with lots of ideas. Most of all it's simply people and the things they come up with when they're only trying to entertain themselves and no one else. The silly and great things people do when they're playing and exploring, moving from moment to moment with no end result in mind.

MWW: Your favorite medium?  

Hollie: At this time I am strictly a collage artist so paper is my everything. I will sometimes mix a color and paint paper but that is then cut and pasted along with found paper.

MWW: Favorite subject to paint/draw/create?

Hollie: Trees and people

MWW:  Where do you do most of your artwork? Best time of day for you to create? Describe your artistic environment. 

Hollie:  With children in the house, during the summer especially, I fit in work hours wherever I can. I have a sun porch on my house that I have converted into a studio. The light is amazing and I can go out and close the door and feel removed. A good work day, and a rare day, is a full day in the studio with records and coffee. Perfection!

MWW:  Do you have a favorite piece of artwork you have done?

Hollie:  It's so hard to pick a favorite. One that always comes to mind is a piece I built on a set of book covers in 2009 called “Something We Shouldn't Be Doing.”

MWW:  What are some of your other interests?

Hollie:  Music, always first. We have a houseful of rescue pets that I adore. Horror movies!

MWW:  Is anyone else in your family an artist/enjoy art?

Hollie:  My maternal grandfather was artistic and both of my children have some skills but my daughter especially is super into it. My husband and I were both art majors so it would be difficult for them to avoid it!

MWW:  Do you live solely off your art right now or have another job/career?

Hollie:  I live solely off my art right now.

MWW:  In a few adjectives how would you describe yourself?  Your art?

Hollie: Nostalgic. Curious. Playful.

MWW:  How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls initially?

Hollie:  We both live in the great city of Chattanooga AND our children go to school together! And a wonderful school, at that. I've only ever heard amazing things about MWW so when asked to collaborate I jumped at the chance.

MWW:  What is your favorite My Wonderful Walls wall sticker you have been involved with creating?
Hollie:  I adore the Timber Ghost cut-out sticker. It really looks amazing! 
Wolf Wall Sticker

Hollie Chastain’s artwork can be found in a variety of galleries around the country and on Etsy. She currently creates collage art in the form of limited edition prints, postcards and book covers and also works on commissioned pieces. Visit her on Facebook or at for more information. Hollie’s artwork has been turned into wall sticker form exclusively for My Wonderful Walls. 


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