Garden Room Mural Comes to Life with Flower Wall Decals

by Stephanie Goins on February 02, 2015

Garden Wall Mural

Shana, mom of 2 in North Carolina, loves to create things for her children and find ways to make them happy. She was able to create a special room for her son with our Transportation Wall Decals and when it was time to decorate her daughter Emma’s room, she knew where to look. Our Splendid Garden Wall Decals were the perfect way to celebrate a little girl whose middle name is Violet. Shana wanted a peaceful garden room and after a search for some garden themed wall stickers, came to My Wonderful Walls.

Having loved the train and car themed room she created for her two year old son, Shana wanted to do something special for Emma as well. She considers it a dream come true to be able to do this for her children and says it actually made her cry when she saw their rooms done. This busy mom of two tells us she has used other wall stickers in the past but had a bad experience. They not only didn’t stay on the walls but looked ugly and cheap. She found our wall decals were of high quality and look like textured paintings on the wall. She chose to use stickers over wall stencils because time was an issue and she really liked the finished look she got from wall stickers. Plus, she adds, down the road one day when they want to change things up, she won’t have to deal with issues of covering up all the different paint colors with primer. Shana tells us she had a lot of fun creating the garden room and choosing where each sticker would go. She spent about 2 days in total on the room mural and when she hit a snag with the room, My Wonderful Walls was there to help. “I can’t say enough good about the process of getting the decals for my kids’ rooms... but especially for my daughter’s room when the colors weren’t quite working at first for the colors I was painting. You all worked with me to find the right solution and the results were spectacular,” Shana tells us.

While Emma was too young (six months) at the time to have much reaction to her room, Shana loves the frog jumping over the water can. She also created a group of butterflies around the light switch to the room with a bird looking down on them from above the door for a playful touch. She added some personal touches for Emma’s room; some garden themed art work for her room and name letters ready to hang. Shana decided to forgo watching any of the videos or looking at our customer gallery because she wanted to use her own sense of how the room should look and not be influenced by what others had done. Now her daughter, Emma has a lovely garden room in which to grow and play and mom can be proud that she created this look herself.

If you have a flower loving child or you’d like to create a peaceful garden nursery mural, we invite you to check out our Splendid Garden Wall Sticker Kit with 62 large wall stickers including flowers, birds, tree and personalized sign available. Garden mural not your thing? That’s ok, we have kits for every taste as well as individual stickers to add a little “wonderful” to any room. Thanks Shana for sharing your thoughts with us about creating a wall mural with our wall sticker kit!

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