No Cats Allowed in Dog Themed Wall Mural at Hawaii Dog Kennel

by Stephanie Goins on February 18, 2015

Puppy Dog Stencil Wall Mural

Our Paws Park Wall Stencil Kit and decal kit have been very popular with animal lovers as well as pet related businesses. What a superb way to set your business apart by adding a custom mural to the walls to make the four legged clients feel right at home! We think this is great and love when our customers come up with new ways to use our wall mural products. The crew at The Bar-King Dog Kennel in Keaau, HI certainly had some fun ideas and shared many of them with My Wonderful Walls.

The “crew” consists of Amber, Billy, Jennifer, Jessica, Suzanne, Dawn and Sarah who all had a hand in creating the dog themed mural at the Bar-King Dog. Sarah, who wrote to us, told us that they created this animal mural for the pets that come to stay with them, their "parents" and the staff. With a boarding facility full of pets they decided they wanted a theme that reflected their love of animals. This was their first mural, but Sarah said it won't be the last. Because they were working in the "dog" area of their facility the animals in the mural are all dogs.

Working together as a team on the mural was a fun experience and everyone got to share their ideas. Seems the receptionist was keen on adding a cat to the mural but as Sarah said this was for the “dog area” so they were determined to keep it all about the pooches. However Sarah painted a small scene with tropical plants and hid a cat in the background. To this day the receptionist still has not found the cat! (Hope we didn’t just let the cat out of the bag…whoops!)

The team was able to use our virtual mural maker to get some inspiration before the project and once the stencils arrived they were ready to start painting. However one stencil was missing but a quick call to the My Wonderful Walls office took care of that and a replacement was sent right out. All in all it took the team about a month of painting (working off and on) to create the dog themed wall mural. Sarah advises anyone who is starting out on their DIY wall mural to be brave. She says, “It really is easy and there is no ‘wrong’ way to get the look you want. Just remember to keep some background paint on hand in case you want to erase or alter something. One of our staff thought the dog in one of the stencils was a little too fat. Since animal health is important, he used some background paint to slim the dog down!” They added a few butterflies into the mural and a few tropical plants to match the local landscape. Sarah reports it’s hard to pick a favorite element in the scene but suspects every staff member has one.

The folks at The Bar-King Dog Kennel already have great plans for their next mural. They plan to add cats to their cattery and will place some of the elements on the outside of the building as well as the inside. Sarah looks forward to it as another fun team experience.

Sounds “purr-fect”! We really enjoyed seeing the photos of the Paws Park dog stencils in action and these doggies are very lucky to have such a colorful place to stay. If you love your pets or you are the owner of a pet related business, let us help you create the mural you’ve been dreaming of in no time! And if you live in the Keaau, Hawaii area and need a loving place for your pet to stay for a few days or more, check out The Bar-King Dog Kennel!

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