Princess Stencils Help Make a Place for Treasured Memories

by Stephanie Goins on March 02, 2015

Princess Crown Stencils

Though our self-adhesive stencils are primarily sold for use on walls, they work great on windows, ceilings, doors and furniture too! Mom, Jessica from Signal Mountain, TN wanted to create a special wooden chest for Princess Gilleyanne, who was age 3 at the time. She found our butterfly and princess themed wall stencils on Etsy and though she hadn’t done another project quite like this before, decided to give them a try. Jessica tells us the results were wonderful and she had a great experience buying from My Wonderful Walls.

The self-adhesive stencils are very easy to use as they can be stuck on again and again for larger projects. Even with a smaller project such as Gilleyanne’s treasure chest, our easy to use stencils make being creative even better. Jessica chose a butterfly stencil, a princess stencil and a crown to decorate the chest for her little princess. With some yellow paint she was able to add these details to the wood chest and added the word “Princess” as well. She told us the stencils were ten times better than decals in her mind and made it so she could customize the project to her style. Being able to use the colors she wanted and her own vision was a plus in her mind. In addition to the stencils, Jessica distressed the chest making it appear almost antique. Jessica says she is not an artist but likes to try anything once and told us her theory is “Perfection is the enemy of beauty.” She even added some green butterflies to a side table with the same stencils she used for the chest as you can see below.

Little Gilley helped out with the project and mom said she is now hooked! Besides arts and crafts and taking care of her daughter, Jessica loves photography and hopes to add that in to her projects one day. Her advice for those using our wall stencils? “Be creative, explore and don't hold back. The stencils will do exactly what you want them too so have fun!”

In addition to a great product, Jessica appreciated the interaction she had with our customer service. She called it the best business interaction she has ever had and promises to be a long time customer. We look forward to a lasting relationship and more pictures of great projects!

If you would like to stencil a chest, table, drawer, lamp or hey, even a wall, check out our line of large stencil kits and individual stencils. You can choose from themes such as princesses, flowers, sports, cars and trucks, bugs, animals and space. We would love to see how creative you can get with our stencils so send in your pictures please!

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