Ocean Loving Twins Get an Under the Sea Playroom

by Tara Woodbury on May 19, 2015

Under the Sea Playroom Mural

Whether your children are into animals, playing sports, dressing up as princesses and knights or dreaming of the ocean blue, chances are we have a mural theme to make their bedroom, playroom or bathroom an exciting and inviting space. When mom Jerisha in Killeen, TX was planning an ocean themed playroom for her twins, she found our Under the Sea Stencil Kit on Amazon and was sold! Though she considers herself crafty, she told us her artistic ability as far as painting was nil so she was so glad she found our easy to use stencils to create an amazing space for her children to play and grow.

Jerisha told us she is what she’d call artsy. She enjoys sewing, knitting and projects with her children. She is also very interested in salt water aquariums and was working on putting one together. Her children inspire her every day and that was one of the reasons she wanted to create this very special place for them to play. Since her children love the ocean and everything in it as does Jerisha, the Under the Sea theme was a no brainer. Though painting was a little out of her comfort zone she felt after reading reviews of our wall stencils she could tackle this project. We do offer Under the Sea Wall Decals as well but Jerisha preferred to use stencils as she felt they gave the room a more professional look. And she was a little concerned with the then two year old twins’ curious fingers picking at the stickers and whether the room would hold up. (Our wall decals are pretty resilient even with little fingers picking at them by the way.) When she originally purchased the stencil kit on Amazon, Jerisha didn’t realize she could buy the coordinating paint kit from us as well. One quick and painless phone call and Stephanie was able to hook her up with paints and they arrived just the day after the stencils did. This really impressed Jerisha.

All in all the project took about 3-4 days to complete and Jerisha tells us she was able to use some of our online resources to aid her. She found the instructions that came with the kit to be very clear and helpful but it was also helpful to see pictures and videos online of what others had done with their stencils. One pretty cool idea this mom had was to use glow in the dark paint for some of the sea creatures. Though invisible during the day, they come out at night in a super fun way! Brilliant! Her advice for anyone just starting out with their stenciling? Take your time and make sure to let the paint dry before removing the stencil for best results.

The twins, then two years old, loved the playroom mural and were immediately pointing at the different fish and plants and trying to name them. That is just the reaction we want from our youngest customers! We hope that they will have many years of imagining and playing in this very special space their mom created for them. Thanks Jerisha for allowing us to feature your playroom project!

You can see from the pictures that even in a large room, our stencils are able to be used several times to repeat elements of the mural as desired. In the Under the Sea Stencil Kit you will receive 45 individual stencils to paint your ocean scene including dolphin stencil, octopus stencil, submarine stencil, mermaid and merman stencils and so much more! You can also add a coordinating name sign to personalize your mural and paint kit if desired. Our stencils are self-adhesive, so no tape or glue is needed. Just stick the stencil to the wall, paint, remove and reuse them again and again to create a truly artistic and charming space for your child! If stencils aren’t your thing, check out our high quality ocean themed wall decals instead. Whether you’re creating a room for a child or would like to add some art to the walls of your own space, the team here at My Wonderful Walls hopes you will shop with us.


Blog post written by Tara.