Self-Adhesive Wall Stencils Ideal to Create Sibling’s Room Murals

by Tara Woodbury on July 10, 2015

Flower Princess RoomTransportation Themed Room

Home improvement projects are so much better when they are a family affair as proven by mother and daughter team Tamara and Becky. Tamara was kind enough to share the pictures of the two rooms they created with our wall stencils for Becky’s son Jackson, then age 4 ½ and daughter Caroline, age 3. Though Tamara has been stenciling for 30 years she was thrilled to find our wall stencils and found them a great way to create a professional looking wall mural for any child’s room or nursery.

Tamara said as a young mother on a tight budget she found stenciling a great way to give her kids fun and interesting rooms since paint was inexpensive and you could change it easily. Her husband was in the military and since they moved a lot, she was always creating new rooms but found it lots of fun. Tamara even won Volunteer of the Year in Florida because she learned how to be very crafty with very little resources at her kids’ school. But now in her role as grandma she has just as much fun helping her kids with projects for their own children. Tamara had already helped with the décor in two of her other grandchildren’s rooms so when Becky bought her own house and Jackson and Caroline had rooms with blank walls, it was time to get to work again. She found My Wonderful Walls on the internet but didn’t buy right away, searching in stores and online for what would be the best décor.

The themes were pretty easy; Caroline was already a sweet princess and loved the big tree with a swing Grandma had in her and Jackson’s room at her house. Jackson loved cars, planes and trains so his theme was easy. As she searched for the right products, Tamara kept coming back to My Wonderful Walls. She found it interesting that the stencils needed no tape and would cling to the wall so after years of stenciling, she thought this would be so cool and easier to work with so she gave us a try.

Garden Tree MuralBecky and Tamara spent time looking at the site and talking over the phone to choose what stencils they wanted. They ended up deciding to go with the flower garden stencils and princess stencils for Caroline’s room so she could have elements from both and the Transportation Fascination Stencil Kit for Jackson's room. Tamara went to Becky’s house to help with the rooms as Becky had never stenciled before. She quickly became a pro though and Tamara left a lot of the final touches to her after she went home to Kentucky. It took the pair about a week and a half total to complete the two murals with the kids having to share rooms so Mom and Grandma could work steadily on one room or the other. Tamara found our stencils were easy to work with and had such little paint bleed which she loved. She also liked the ability to be able to reuse them. But said the best part was being able to go to her daughter’s house and work on it together.

They added a lot of unique touches to both rooms with paint and accessories. For example, they painted faces on everyone and painted a princess into the carriage in Caroline’s room and added rings to the unicorn’s horn. In Jackson’s room, Tamara painted in the clouds using a sea sponge and white stencil paint, a technique she’s been using for years. They added lights to the city scene and Becky put Jackson’s picture in the space rocket which he thought was pretty cool.

Tamara’s tips for anyone just starting out on their wall mural? “Just take your time have fun. Plan what you’re going to do before you start even laying the stencils out. Make sure you know where your furniture is going. But most of all have fun and think out of the box like the child that is going to be in the room!”

Boat Wall Stencil

Great advice and what great rooms this dynamic duo created! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures with us Tamara.


Caroline Princess Carriage Stencil

JacksonCity Wall Mural