Pillow Talk 101: How to Update Your Decor With Throw Pillows


Pillow Talk 101

If you’re looking for a way to update your décor, throw pillows can be an inexpensive and fun way to add something new and exciting to your bedroom, living room or kids room. If you are stuck on where to start you’re not alone. The options of color, shape and size can be daunting but if you follow a few simple hints, you’ll find you’ve soon got pillow talk down to a science. 

Get even! The general rule of thumb is to use an odd number of pillows but we all know rules were meant to be broken. If you prefer even sets, you can create a symmetrical look by using two identical pairs of pillows.  

Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to mix colors as well as patterns and solids. But the trick here is not to overdo. Mixing one pattern and one solid color is easy and always pleasing to the eye. If you want to go for a bolder mix, make sure there’s a theme that ties your pillows together. Use a small pattern on some pillows with a larger pattern on the others and centralize around a color palette. The patterns don’t all have to match, but the colors need to work together. 

Less is more! In the bedroom, pillows are a great way to add some color and fun to the bed but less is more. After all, only you know if you’re going to arrange those pillows perfectly each morning or if they’ll wind up under the bed. 

Let your personality shine! Pillows can reflect our personality. If you’re a cat person, you can show off your love of cats with a Stretching Cat Floral Throw Pillow combined with a solid color pillow that coordinates with the rainbow colors in the pattern.

Throw them at the kids! Throw pillows in kids’ bedrooms add a touch of whimsy and can help carry the theme of the room together. If your kiddo has a love of all things in the jungle, coordinating pillows can be placed in rocking chairs, on the bed or even piled up on the floor for a reading corner. You can even choose personalization with the My Wonderful Walls Personalized Giraffe Print Throw Pillow and many others in our collection. 

Add accents the baby room! In the nursery, pillows can also be a nice accent piece for the room as well as a practical help for feeding baby. You can never get too many pillows under your arm or behind your back when you’re up for those 3 am feedings! 

If pillow talk seems a little less like a foreign language to you now, it’s a great time for a giveaway! Enter below to win throw pillows and fleece blankets of your own from the My Wonderful Walls home décor line. Choose from any two items in the home décor collection including children’s throw pillows, throw pillows for grown-ups, and fleece blankets in either throw or twin bed size. Each of these items coordinates with wall stickers or wall stencils from My Wonderful Walls and many are available with personalization. Keep them for yourself or give them as gifts this holiday season!  

Two winners will be chosen by random.org to each pick any two items from the home décor collection they like. How’s that for wonderful?! This giveaway goes live 11/24/2015 and ends 11/30/2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. See the Rafflecopter widget for full terms & conditions. Good luck! 

This giveaway is over!

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  • Tara Woodbury
Comments 154
  • Katt Lewis
    Katt Lewis

    I think the best thing to do would be to have zippered pillow covers that you can change at whim or seasonal or whenever. My place is so small I just have no where to store excess things like pillows and I love pillows.

  • Dana Rodriguez
    Dana Rodriguez

    I love your selection of throw pillows.I really love the floral cats!

  • Laurie P
    Laurie P

    absolutely love the selection of throw pillows…..I totally need some in my living room! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Birds on a Branch Floral Throw Pillow!!

  • candy kratzer wenzel
    candy kratzer wenzel

    I would choose the Stretching Cat floral pillow and the Fishbone cat pillow

  • Cori Westphal
    Cori Westphal

    I think I’d have to let my daughter have the final say on this one, but I think I’d choose the Darling Deer Throw Pillow and the Elephants on Parade Throw Pillow too. So cute!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  • Marilyn H.
    Marilyn H.

    Love the bunny Pillow! lot’s of cute designs to choose from.

  • Piroska

    I would choose the Fox pillow and the FRIENDLY BUGS AND FLOWERS FLEECE BLANKET. Adorable!

  • Debi Day
    Debi Day

    The calico cat is awesome!

  • kristen davis
    kristen davis

    I think my little boys would love the darling deer or a day on the farm. They are all so cute it’s hard to choose!!

  • dawn wright
    dawn wright

    I would choose the fox and the dog pillows for my daughter’s!

  • Robyn Lee
    Robyn Lee

    Standard Poodle Floral Fleece Blanket and pillow combo for me; love it to pieces.

  • Kellie

    I would get the fox pillow and the cat pillow.

  • Joanna

    I would choose the dog pillow and the bunnies pillow.

  • Michele Behlen
    Michele Behlen

    I would choose the Wildflower Meadow Throw Pillow and the Personalized Day at the Frog Pond Pillow.

  • Amy Baker
    Amy Baker

    I would get 2the birds on a branch pillow and the flying bird floral pillow :) thanks for the chance these are awesome!

  • Preston Chapman
    Preston Chapman

    I love the dolphin Duo

  • Terri S.
    Terri S.

    I would choose 2 of the adorable Playful Black Cat Fleece Blankets in Twin size to give to my 2 granddaughters (sisters).

  • Debbie W
    Debbie W

    I would get the stretchy cat pillow and the SITTIN’ PRETTY FLORAL CAT FLEECE BLANKET

  • Rose Reeder
    Rose Reeder

    Personalized Lovely Kitty Lamp Post Fleece Blanket & Dinosaur Days Wall Mural Stencil Kit

  • Faye Gates
    Faye Gates

    I really like the cat stretching on the black background fabric.

  • Lisa Williams
    Lisa Williams

    I would love the Fox and Floral Throw Pillow and The elephants,flowers and butterflies blanket,everything is so adorable it’s hard to choose!

  • Linda

    I would get the Rough and Tough Terrier Fleece Blanket and the Cows on the Farm Fleece Blanket.

  • Jeri Eroh
    Jeri Eroh

    I really love the Dolphin Duo Floral Fleece Blanket, and the Stretching Cat Floral Throw Pillow. They are both beautiful!! Thank you so much for the chance!!

  • Claudia M
    Claudia M

    it is so hard to pick , i like so many of those pretty Blankets and pillow. My first pick would be Birds on a branch fleece blanket and Sittin’ Pretty Floral Cat Fleece Blanket but i also love the Stretching Cat Floral Throw Pillow .

  • Tina Harris
    Tina Harris

    Very hard to choose just one but I love the fox pillow and the scottie blanket

  • Carolyn Massey
    Carolyn Massey

    My great grand daughter loves cats so I would choose the pretty cat throw and the cat pillow.

  • Jodi Hunter
    Jodi Hunter

    I would choose the Sittin’ Pretty Floral Cat Fleece Blanket and the Sitting Cat Floral Throw Pillow, my little girl loves cats.

  • Carmen Van Deursen
    Carmen Van Deursen

    Love the sunny sunflower throw with the matching summer sunflowers pillow! So so cute!

  • Tina F
    Tina F

    I would choose Stretching Cat Floral Throw Pillow and also the Giraffe Print Throw Pillow

  • Jenny Q.
    Jenny Q.

    I love the lue and Red Tree Frog Throw Pillow and the
    Totally Tree Frogs Throw Pillow.

  • Linda Davidson-Poplees
    Linda Davidson-Poplees

    I would chose the giraffe pillow and birds on branch throw

  • Eva D
    Eva D

    Ladybug fleece blankets and beautiful butterflies

  • Jan Roberts
    Jan Roberts

    I love the fleece blankets, you can have the pillows! The dachschund and standard Poodle ones are my faves, SOoooo cute!

  • Kimmy Moore
    Kimmy Moore


  • Debra Elliott
    Debra Elliott


  • Bernice

    I would choose the Personalized Beautiful Butterfly Throw Pillow & the Fluttering Butterflies Lavender Fleece Blanket

  • Sarah Hollifield
    Sarah Hollifield

    I love love love any of the cat throws or pillows

  • Angela P.
    Angela P.

    This is a tough choice because they are all so cute! My 6 year old is fascinated with elephants and so would LOVE the ELEPHANTS, FLOWERS, AND BUTTERFLIES FLEECE BLANKET and my 4 year old son has special needs and is really into animals and would adore the JUNGLE SAFARI ANIMALS FLEECE BLANKET.

  • Liberty

    I really like the Jungle Safari Animals Fleece Blanket and with the Wild Horse Floral Fleece Blanket.

  • allyson becker
    allyson becker


  • Lorraine Bromley
    Lorraine Bromley

    personalized elephant throw pillow and the cat pillow thanks

  • Dana Matthews
    Dana Matthews

    I’d choose the Sittin’ Pretty Floral Cat Fleece Blanket and the Sitting Cat Floral Throw Pillow. My daughter would love them both!

  • Diana K
    Diana K

    I wish for the yellow kitty pillow and animal print blanket….so adorable, would love to win it!

  • Pam Flynn
    Pam Flynn

    I really love Sitting Cat Floral Throw Pillow and Personalized Elephant Throw Pillow. These are really nice.

  • Christa Dunn
    Christa Dunn

    The Lady Bug Sky throw pillow & the PERSONALIZED LADYBUG THROW PILLOW

  • Yvonne McKenzie
    Yvonne McKenzie

    Gorgeous Giraffees Safari Fleece Blanket and I love the Personalized Giraffe Throw Pillow. They are so cute!

  • Lori Bahn
    Lori Bahn

    I would get the Playful Black Cat Fleece Blanket and the Playful Black Cat Throw Pillow because we are big cat lovers

  • Darlene Carbajal
    Darlene Carbajal

    I like the zebra and giraffe print pillow.

  • debbie


  • Charles Goode
    Charles Goode

    I like the DACHSHUND AND DOG BONES FLEECE BLANKET & Chimpanzee Wall Sticker Decal by Andreas Preis be perfect for my daughter Angela birthdy gift Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah

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