Why Coloring Isn't Just for Kids Anymore ~ ColorMe Decals


 ColorMe Decals Giveaway

ColorMe Decals are the next wave in the growing adult coloring trend. Coloring is proven to be stress reducing, relaxing and great for mindfulness. It is also a wonderful activity you can do as a family without any electronics. Our ColorMe Decals are made from the same eco-friendly fabric we use for all of our My Wonderful Walls decals and are repositionable as well as easily removable.

Right now 9 of the Top 100 books on Amazon.com are coloring books for adults. You can’t look at Instagram or Pinterest without seeing something about coloring books for grown-ups. Art and coloring has been used as a mindful activity in art therapy for years and now it has become popular for anyone looking to reduce stress (which is pretty much all of us this time of year) or to reconnect to their creative self. Author and life coach, Martina Faulkner said in her article The Unexpected Thing That Happened When I Started Coloring, “Coloring was something to do that felt more productive than just watching TV. It wasn’t an escape, though—like TV was. Coloring was moving me toward something… something fabulous, calming, and expressive.” We couldn’t agree more!

Because many people are intimidated to draw or paint freehand, our coloring decals offer a channel for artistic expression without too much pressure. And there is something to be said for not having to think too hard about what you’re going to create! We offer a variety of coloring page designs including amazing mandalas, beautiful birds, fun animals and geometric designs that allow you to put your worries aside and focus on what is right in front of you. Unlike coloring books, however, our ColorMe Decals allow you to display your coloring in a wonderful way without the need for tape or push pins.

If you haven’t tried coloring lately, it’s a great time to start! Enter below to win a ColorMe Decal from now until 12/7. This giveaway is open to anyone 18+ worldwide (or as restricted by law). Two winners will each receive their choice of a ColorMe Decal from our store. Please see the Rafflecopter widget for all terms & conditions.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

SAVE: If you just can’t wait to see if you’ve won or want to buy a ColorMe Decal as a gift, shop now through 12/7 and you’ll save 25% on all coloring decals at My Wonderful Walls. No code needed.  Plus orders over $25 in the continental U.S. ship for free (regular shipping only). It’s all part of our #MonthofGiving through 12/24 so make sure to check us out next week for another giveaway and more special discounts.

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  • Tara Woodbury
Comments 92
  • Linda

    Divine Butterflies Mandala ColorMe Decal

  • dawn walsh
    dawn walsh


  • Debbie Rucinski
    Debbie Rucinski

    I would choose the strings of daisies. They are very beautiful.

  • Manja

    I would pick the Divine Butterflies! <3

  • Susan

    I would love any round mandala. Gosh, I would love and do my best on anything I won.

  • Tasha Wilkerson
    Tasha Wilkerson

    I would pick Forest Friends! SO many cute ones though!!

  • Doris

    The butterfly one is gorgeous!

  • AImee

    I like the divine butterfly

  • Lesley F
    Lesley F

    I love the Forest Friends for girls

  • Silvia D
    Silvia D

    i would pick the Daisy Chain ColorMe Decal by Valentina Harper

  • Myra

    Gotta love these adult coloring books…we all are artists !

  • Emilee Bond
    Emilee Bond

    I would definitely pick the WISE OWL MANDALA COLORME DECAL! My daughter is obsessed with owls! She would love it.

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard
    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I like Lucky Elephant Mandala ColorMe Decal

  • wendy browne
    wendy browne

    I like the octopus but I would give the dragon to my teen.

  • Ashley Fournier
    Ashley Fournier

    So many that I love!! Owl, mandala, dragon… it would be tough to choose!

  • Darlene Wright
    Darlene Wright

    The Owl



  • Tenley Erickson
    Tenley Erickson

    I would choose the Koi Pond Mandala Colorme Decal! Beautiful ♥

  • Wanda Bergman
    Wanda Bergman

    I would probably choose the Wise Owl Mandala ColorMe Decal.


    I would like anyone of them they are all beautiful.THANK YOU FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN!!!

  • Elizabeth Tarlow
    Elizabeth Tarlow

    I love the Divine Butterflies Mandala ColorMe Decal by Valentina Harper! Actually, all of the Decals are fantastic :)

  • Deb

    This is AWESOME! Never knew these existed until I spotted the contest info on a website…thanks for the entry!

  • Peggy Arnold
    Peggy Arnold

    Love this so much

  • Lisa Williams
    Lisa Williams

    I love the Divine Butterflies,so pretty and looks fun to color!

  • Tamara Lawson
    Tamara Lawson

    We color all the time in our home

  • Lynn Crosbie
    Lynn Crosbie

    I’ve become disabled after working 50 hour weeks for decades now; coloring is something I can do and it puts me into a zen state of mind where I can focus on something other than my chronic pain. I’m moving in a month and will incorporate my coloring pages into my bedroom decor’. These would be great to add to them.

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith

    I would pick either the Dragon, the butterflies, or the elephant. But really, I’d be happy with any of them. Thanks for the chance!

  • Brittny O'Neill
    Brittny O'Neill

    Buzzing bee!

  • Crystal Cannon
    Crystal Cannon

    I would love to have the flying owl print. The owl is my spirit bird and I would love to have one on my wall to always look over me.

  • Katie Owens
    Katie Owens

    I love theses!

  • Laura

    I love to color and always have. Finally a trend that is catching up to me!

  • KatieB

    Fingers crosses. Great giveaway!

  • KErianne

    I love the lion. My niece would be obsessed with this.

  • Stacy Scott
    Stacy Scott

    I would choose the Divine Butterflies Mandala =)

  • judith martinez
    judith martinez

    I really like the Glam Slam Mandala.

  • Diane Warstler
    Diane Warstler

    It’s too hard to choose! I love animals so much, cats in particular, but also love all things related to nature, so I would be happy with flowers, butterflies, etc.

  • MC

    Helios by Valentina Harper

  • Rochel S
    Rochel S

    LOVE the Divine Butterflies Mandala ColorMe Decal

  • Karla Sceviour
    Karla Sceviour

    I may pick the Elegant Elephant Wall Sticker

  • Deanna Diebler
    Deanna Diebler

    I would pick the Mandela Elephant. And in looking around, I spotted the Elegant Elephant.It is beautiful.

  • Angel McMore
    Angel McMore

    I love cats so I would pick a cat

  • TaniaM

    I would choose the Toucan!

  • Donna Cooper
    Donna Cooper


  • cylina williams
    cylina williams


  • cathy

    hands down the butterflies

  • chris johnson
    chris johnson

    i like the dragon

  • sandra

    I would choose the Divine Butterflies Mandala ColorMe Decal by Valentina Harper

  • kenny


  • carrie l
    carrie l

    divine butterflies

  • Greg Panske
    Greg Panske

    What a wonderful creative idea! Hope you are super successful!

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