Customer Spotlight: Susan and David and Their Forest Theme Baby Room

by Stephanie Goins on September 05, 2011

Forest Theme Baby Room

It all started when a Chicago couple named Susan and David (and, of course, their beloved pup named Wally) found that they would be welcoming their first baby into the world. They wanted their little boy to have a beautiful nursery to come home to.

“From the get go, Dave knew he wanted to paint a mural.  Given that neither of us are artists, we knew that in order to successfully accomplish this, we would need some help.  We never considered using stickers; we were set on paint.”

Luckily, the couple quickly ran across the Wonderful Walls website where they were ecstatic to find a mural that – in their words – was “a spot-on reflection of what you see in our immediate neighborhood: ponds, frogs, cattails, deer, and lots and lots of birds and lush greenery.” They were even more excited to find out how easy the stenciling process was.

One of the best things about our stencil sets is how easy they make it for people to either follow the designs to the letter, or to customize the stencils to make them uniquely theirs. Susan and David had initially planned to just stick to the existing mural, but once they got into the groove of the project, they realized just how simple it would be to add their own special touches.

Birdhouse Wall StencilThey used the flower stencil as a template for the flowers in their own back yard, includinForest Tree Wall Stencilg daisies and black-eyed Susans. They used a trailhead post stencil (along with some Internet research to find just the right bird house) as inspiration to freehand a birdhouse, complete with a ‘Home Tweet Home’ sign.  Emboldened by their freehand success, they then went on to create a family of bumblebees and ladybugs. They then finished off their masterpiece by painting their initials on a tree.

“After priming the room, we could have finished the mural in just a few days. We were really surprised at how quickly the room came together… that said, given that I was 7 months pregnant, it was nice to take it easy and do a few stencils each day,” said Susan. “We loved everything about the Wonderful Walls mural painting experience and would encourage anyone looking to add a special touch to their home to give it a try.  It was so easy and really allowed us the chance to work together on a fun project and create a very special room for a very special little baby.”

The couple’s overall response to their stencil kit was nothing short of sheer joy: “We had a blast using the Forest Friends stencil kit we got from My Wonderful Walls. The directions were fantastic, the product stood up to what it was promised to be (the stencils really DID stick to the wall and really WERE easy to remove and reuse), and we were thrilled to find out that the amount of paint provided in the paint kit was way more than we could ever have needed.”

Thank you, David and Susan; we wish you and your wonderful family all the best!

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forest wall mural

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