Jungle Wall Mural for Baby Room - Customer Spotlight

by Stephanie Goins on September 19, 2011

Wall Decor for Animal LoversCustomer Spotlight: Animal Lovers Lynda and Chris of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Create a Jungle Wall Mural for Baby Room

Ever since the My Wonderful Walls stencil kits and wall art started gaining international recognition, we have loved hearing from people in other countries that have tried our wall stencils and fallen in love with how easy and fun they were. Recently we heard from our neighbors from the North – a Canadian couple named Chris and Lynda that heralded from the beautiful Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They were decorating a room for their baby boy, William, and wanted something special that would set his room apart and make it a peaceful place for him to learn and grow.

As their family loves animals, the couple knew from the start that they wanted to do an animal-themed wall mural for his nursery. What they did not know, though, was just how easy and enjoyable the process would be. Once they settled on the Wild Jungle Safari wall mural stencil kit, Chris and Lynda could not wait to get started on their son’s room. When asked why they chose to go with a wall stencil over a decal, Lynda answered by saying, “I decided to work on William’s room while on maternity leave, and so I had some extra time to do something more elaborate than just placing a few stickers on the walls. Even though the stickers you had available were really nice, I had always dreamed about painting a mural for a nursery, and My Wonderful Walls was exactly what I needed to make that dream a reality.”

Although Lynda had planned on painting, she had no idea that the process would be so simple, and that the stenciling paint included in the wall mural paint kit would be more than enough to finish the wall mural and add special touches to his nursery. It only took her a week to complete the entire room mural, even though she took extra time to make sure each detail was perfect. She said,

“After a week, it was perfect. I admit I was overly particular, and went over each stencil twice, and then went over each stencil outline with a small brush to make all of the lines perfect. I'm a fairly crafty person to begin with, but certainly not a professional by any means. I would say I have a medium comfort level with projects like this, which I think helped me feel a freedom to create some different, unique looks. For example, I put a crown on the lions head and painted some drawer pulls with animals faces.”

When asked if she had a favorite vignette within the kids wall mural setting, Lynda replied by saying, “I really like the giraffe. I love how the spots turned out. Having two stencils really allowed for a nice layered, clean look. I also really liked all of the flowers; I used the stencils over and over again to create different groupings around the room.”

Chris and Lynda were ecstatic with how their son’s nursery turned out, and would definitely recommend any of the My Wonderful Walls products to others looking to create custom wall art for a child’s room or nursery. They loved how easy to use the wall stencils were, and would highly recommend purchasing the accompanying paint kit as well.

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