Farm Wall Stencils by My Wonderful Walls are Perfect For First-Time Parents

by Stephanie Goins on October 03, 2011

Farm Wall StencilsMaggie and her husband, a recent customer on the My Wonderful Walls website, wanted something for their new baby’s nursery that would reflect both their love for animals and nature, and the unknown that lay before them. They had decided in advance that they wanted to be surprised with the baby’s gender on the day it was born, so they needed a wall mural that would be a wonderful fit for either a girl or a boy.

Beginning with a simple Google search, Maggie quickly found herself on the My Wonderful Walls website where she was delighted to find scores of beautiful and unique wall stencils to choose from. In no time at all, she and her husband settled on the Farm Wall Stencils; she said,

“We wanted something that was neutral, since we did not know if we would be bringing home a boy or a girl - we love animals so a farm Theme kit was the perfect fit. I grew up on a farm riding horses and my husband is a veterinarian, so there was really nothing more perfect for our little one’s walls than a blend of countryside and animals.”

Maggie was even more delighted when, just two days after submitting her order online, the stencils arrived at her door. Maggie could not wait to begin, and – as the nursery walls were already a beautiful blue – she began by adding in green hills, a barn, and more. She commented that, “The instructions were very straight forward and the stencils were very easy to use… my nine-year-old step-daughter helped me place and paint the stencils and we were able to get painting very quickly.”

Hands down, the family’s favorite part of the room is the barn. They live in Central Kentucky where the traditional red barn is far from reality. Instead, stone farmhouses and barns dot the countryside and stand as timeless monuments that are a central part of the area’s history and culture. Maggie experimented with several different painting techniques on cardboard before she found a process that resulted in a realistic stone pattern. With the barn stencil firmly anchored in place, she was able to focus solely on the painting process and the result was a very authentic and realistic Kentucky barn.

After the large stencils had been painted onto the walls, the finishing, custom touches were made, including dancing butterflies and jolly bumblebees. Ultimately, Maggie and her family were blown away by how easy and fun the process was, and by how quickly the time flew by. Maggie said, “We started placing and painting the larger stencils on Saturday morning and we were done painting and all cleaned up by the next afternoon!”

In the end, Maggie and her husband ended up having a beautiful little girl – they were able to add some special pink accessories and decorations to the nursery to make the wall mural done with farm wall stencils come alive, and – in the words of Maggie – they are “excited to teach her about all the animals on her walls!”