Maine Couple Paints 4 Seasons in Playroom with Forest Wall Mural Kit

by Stephanie Goins on October 21, 2011

Four Seasons Wall Mural

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the freedom to create the room of your dreams while still enjoying the boundaries and guidelines of a set process to keep your project moving forward smoothly? We create our wall mural stencil kits to do just that: to provide people with the chance to flex their creative and artistic muscles while being able to rely on the safety of the stencil as they go.

Sometime, though, our wall stencils enable people to go beyond what we meant for them to be, allowing those that work with the stencils to create something that is truly one of a kind. Recently a couple from Maine, Stephanie and Scott, went way beyond our vision for the Forest Wall Mural Kit and had a blast creating a room that was unique in every way.

The couple wanted to design a space for their two boys – ages 3 ½ and 1 – to dream and grow even during the long, dreary winters that Maine is famous for. The room the two painted was a basement playroom with virtually no furniture. And, measuring a cool 20' x 24', the space was no small task to decorate and turn into something warm and inviting. The family chose to use the Forest Friends stencil kit for their project because they wanted to have something that was a cheery outdoor scene. Stephanie wanted lots of trees, but didn't want the scenery to be monotonous, either. That is when her father-in-law came up with the game-winning idea of putting a different season on each wall.

Forest Stencil KitStephanie and Scott were thrilled, even though they claim to not be very artistic. The duo had quite a bit of help from Scott’s parents throughout the layout and design process, which helped the four seasons theme to turn out exactly as they had envisioned it from the beginning. To re-create the forest theme scenes uniquely on each wall, they pulled the stencils off the walls while the paint was still wet, and then cleaned off the stencils with baby wipes. According to Stephanie, while it didn't completely prevent paint build-up, it did make it possible to re-use the stencils many times and in different ways.

To further customize the walls, they went so far as to put their family name on the sign that came with the kit. Using a fun font, Stephanie printed the sign out as a PowerPoint slide and then used the carbon paper that came with the wall stencils to get the basic form of the new sign stencil onto the wall. From there, it was simply a matter of filling it all in with a small brush and the room was complete.

When asked what their favorite part of the new forest room was, the couple easily answered, “We really like the fall leaves - they are bright and cover the wall nicely. Also, we like the owls on the bare trees in winter. I think those are the baby's favorites, too.”

And for the boys? According to Stephanie they love it. She says, “Our older son can't wait to show it to everyone that comes to the house and the little one walks around pointing at the walls and grinning. We spend a lot of time in the basement now.”