Customer Can't Wait To Do Another Kids Wall Mural

by Stephanie Goins on October 07, 2011

girls flower wall mural

Anna wanted her two young daughters, Macy and Makenna, to have a bedroom that could be a special place just for them that would also match a bedding set that she had chosen for the girls. She wanted to paint her kids wall mural with a stencil kit—not wanting to worry about her 3 year old getting curious and trying to take wall stickers off. After searching the Internet, she found the Flower Theme Wall Mural Stencil Kit. To her delight, the stencil kit’s designs coordinated perfectly with her girls’ bedding. She selected the flowery-themed kit since, she said, “I naturally am drawn to daises and my girls love flowers, so it was a perfect match!”

Anna was very pleased with her stencil kit’s quality when it arrived in the mail as well as the shipping time. “There is great customer care and support to give you an exceptional outcome.” She stated.

She also liked that the wall stencils were easy to use and could be used again and again. Customizing her creations was simple too. Anna varied the colors of the trees, freehanded one of her trees, and added a pearly paint to her flowers and butterfly wings here and there to give the room an even more vivid look.

Wanting to have a good amount of details, Anna took her time on the project. After around 24 hours of working with her stencil kit spanning over two weeks, Anna created a lovely “landscape” in her girls’ room that coordinated seamlessly with her children’s bedding. Not only that, but she had a blast creating it. “I had so much fun!” She said. “I wish I had this room when I was little.  I loved to see the look on my girls' face when they saw the finished product.”

Some advice that Anna shared for anyone new to using the wall stencils is to be sparing with the paint in order to keep it from bleeding outside the stencil area, adding more paint if needed. Less is more! Her other bit of advice was to not be afraid use the kits and to jump right in. “Don't be intimidated by the experience.  Above all else, just have fun with it!” She said.

Considering herself an intermediate in her artistic comfort level, Anna assured that anyone can create a masterpiece with the easy-to-use stencil kits. “I love doing art projects, painting in particular.  This kit was easy enough though that even a beginner would have huge success!” She said.

After her lovely project in Macy and Makenna’s room, Anna isn’t exactly finished using a wall stencil kit just yet. She plans on using another kit on a different room. “I’ve also purchased the Forest Friends Wall Mural Stencil Kit for my youngest daughter's room to coordinate with a bedding set. I can't wait to use it.  The first time was so much fun and made a world of difference in a room that had beige walls before.  Thanks so much for bringing it to life!”

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