Greek Family Creates Dream Nursery with Flower Garden Wall Stencils

by Stephanie Goins on October 25, 2011

Girls Nursery StencilsPicture, if you will: a beautiful island, a gorgeous home, two expectant parents filled with joy and excitement for the pending arrival of their first child. But wait! A nursery that is unfit for the precious bundle that will soon live there? Walls bare and unassuming? Lack of color, lack of light? What are two zealous parents to do but remodel, remodel, remodel and prepare a room that is sure to fill their baby’s head and heart with wonderful dreams and pictures.

While this may seem like a fairy tale, it is a true tale – a tale about a family heralding halfway around the world from our headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee. On the beautiful Rhodes Island, Dodecanease in Greece, live the delightfully in love Vasiliki and Christos, a husband and wife duo that wanted something more for their soon-to-be-born daughter, Irene, than stark walls and lackluster décor. So, the pair did what any passionate and creative parents would do: they decided to remodel the whole thing and start from scratch.

Even the 8-months-pregnant glowing first-time mom took part in the redecoration process; her growing stomach getting wonderfully in the way with every step she took. While Irene is now a few months old, Vasiliki and Christos still remember with a smile the day they received the My Wonderful Walls stencil kit that would change their baby’s nursery forever.

Their search for a one-of-a-kind wall decoration began with a simple inspiration: they wanted something deserving of the little angel that would soon sleep in the room every night and play in it every day. When they saw the My Wonderful Walls website, they knew immediately that they had stumbled upon something truly magical. Then they saw it – its beauty and brightness unlike anything they had ever laid eyes on before. Immediately they knew that the Flower Garden Themed wall stencil and paint kit were everything they had dreamed of and more.

With a layout and landscape that is dreamy, joyful, colorful, and full of lovely details, it is no wonder that this the flower garden wall stencils  caught their attention! In an instant they knew that it had their daughter’s name on it. Vasiliki and Christos waited on pins and needles for the day their special package would arrive. Fortunately, in true My Wonderful Walls form, the stencil kit arrived quickly and the couple was ready to begin painting Irene’s special room. The couple, My Wonderful Walls’ first customer hailing from Greece, was amazed by the quality and craftsmanship present in the wall mural stencil kit that had traveled across the world to make their home its resting place.

Vasiliki and Christos were not content to paint alone; instead they chose to share the wonder and magic of the My Wonderful Walls experience with their most treasured friends. In their words, when they see the dragonfly made by Despina, the tulip by Alice, the bird by Panagiotis, the peacocks by Christin and Dimitra – their hearts are filled with love and thankfulness for the people who will forever be in their lives and in the life of their wonderful baby girl.

Their lives have been changed through the simple act of creating such a wonderful paradise for their little daughter with the flower garden wall stencils. The couple’s favorite scene, a magical landscape with a flowering tree and the corner with daisies and a delicate fence, make the room one that is filled with wonder and enchantment; it is also a special place that their daughter loves to play and imagine, and it will continue to bring the family together for many years to come.

Garden Theme Wall Mural

Flower Girls Room