Creativity On a Budget and in High Style - Kid Room Ideas

by Stephanie Goins on October 26, 2011

About the Author – Jennah Mitchell is a writer and mother to two lovely little girls. She and her husband Derrick make their family home in Montana, where space is big and the open sky is even bigger. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @jennahmitchell – she will follow you back and would love nothing more than to hear from you.

I am a mom with two small children under the age of four, and not one but three self-owned businesses, so I definitely know the meaning of the term “budget.” When we wanted to decorate our oldest daughter’s room a few years ago, we went with two small cans of paint and a matching bedspread, simply because that just about maxed out our budget at the time…not to mention our creativity. We were stretched to the limit trying to keep all of our spinning plates in the air, and thinking outside the box for other kid room ideas (even though we both are fairly creative) was just not in the cards for us.

While we still like the end result – a bright green hue that matches with the bedspread, decorations, and artwork that we have since added to the room – we wish that we would have known about My Wonderful Walls wall stickers during that crazy time of life, as it would have been a truly “wonderful!” alternative for us.

I will admit, part of what draws me to the My Wonderful Walls company is the fact that they are a family run business committed to maintaining a USA-based production (everything is designed and manufactured directly from the company shop in their hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee). The Goins family is truly a remarkable bunch, and the products they make are nothing short of inspired.

However, the thing that draws me most to their kits – particularly the wall sticker kits – is their ease of use, their versatility, and their breathtaking beauty. More than just your average decal, their wall stickers evoke a feeling of realism and texture; many even look like hand-painted designs! This attention to detail is, for me, what sets their stickers (and everything else they have created, for that matter) apart from anything else I have seen.

Splendid Garden Wall StickersSo – on to the fun part: my favorite designs! Without a doubt, I am in love with their Splendid Garden Sticker Kit. Not only does the kit come with over sixty reusable and “layerable” stickers, but it also is made from a special fabric that will not stretch or tear! This is a HUGE plus for people who, like me, have overzealous puppies and children that could easily turn a lesser sticker into a shredded heap in no time. You can bet that the next chance I get, I am ordering up one of these kits – complete with the optional personalized sign.

Family Tree Wall StickerFor a more traditional, whimsical look, I think that the Classic Oak Family Tree Sticker Kit is phenomenal. In fact, I am so enamored with it that it just occurred to me that if they would make it in a black and white color scheme it would be the perfect centerpiece to the large wall in my family room! Move over kid’s rooms and nurseries; My Wonderful Walls sticker kits are for mom and dad too!

Cars and Trains StickersFinally, even though I do not have boys yet, I have my eye on the Transportation Wall Sticker Kit. In fact, since my girls love trucks and heavy equipment (their grandpa is in that line of work, so what is a Papi’s girl to do?) this kit may just give my beloved Garden kit a run for its money!

Now, let’s talk dollars and cents here for a minute, because I know that – like me – many other moms out there are thinking what I thought before: “It sounds great – too great to be something I can afford.” To accurately compare the options, here, let’s look at, say, an average gallon of Behr paint, which can cost anywhere from $20-$30; this is before purchasing brushes, rollers, tape, drop cloths, and more, which could easily put you in the $75-$100 range once it is all said and done. Then you are still left only with painted walls – no personality, decoration, or theme to speak of. With a My Wonderful Walls sticker kit, the average price lies between $60-$130, with many options coming in at an even lower price. Talk about a sweet, that is wonderful, deal!