Our NEW Pirate Wall Stickers will take you on an Unforgettable Pirate Adventure!

by Stephanie Goins on November 10, 2011

Pirate Themed Kids RoomFor everyone that has ever dreamed of the high seas, of Never Land, or of swash-buckling adventures, we have good news for you: your dreams are now a fantastic reality! We are so excited and proud to release the newest addition to our wall sticker family: Pirate Wall Stickers!

Many of our existing wall sticker sets are more whimsical and reminiscent of fairy tales than this pirate theme. We went for a steampunk-inspired style, which incorporates futuristic, Victorian-age elements. What does this look like? Parrots are robotic, the ships fly, and there is a steam powered submarine, just to name a few – it is, in essence, every imaginative and forward-thinking child’s dream come true.

With this pirate wall sticker kit, we also experimented with a new style for creating the stickers by using paper textures to digitally paint the stickers before production. There was a ton of detail in the original artwork, allowing the end result to be an absolutely breathtaking sticker set that looks as if you could touch it and feel the wind in the sails and the ripple of the waves against your fingertips.

From the design phase, the stickers moved to production, which we are proud to say still takes place in our family’s Tennessee warehouse. We are proud of the fact that our business is an All-American, family-run enterprise; we love being able to send our wall stickers and paint sets straight from our family to yours.

Pirate Boys RoomOur good friends have a pirate-loving son named Jack. They have wanted to fill his room with a pirate theme and they waited patiently for over a year for the first prototype of this set. When it came off of the line, we wasted no time in bringing it over and helping them paint his room and place the stickers on the walls. Jack loved it immediately because – as Michael says - it is like having your own pirate storybook on the walls.

Personalized Pirate Wall StickersThe pirate theme wall decal sticker kit features fun scenes such as palm trees, a treasure chest, three flying pirate vessels, three floating islands, a mermaid, and so much more. A personalized pirate sign can also be ordered to help make any room unique and truly a work of art for each child. The Flying Pirates Sticker Kit is truly perfect for any child who loves pirates, whether it is in a boy’s room, a girl’s room, a bathroom, a classroom, or countless other places where children go to relax, learn, grow, and dream.

 So what be ye waitin' fer? Gift ye wee one th' high-seven seas pirate adventure he's always dreamed 'o.